The Day of Honesty, 34th day of the month of Vryce's Arrival, year 533

I have completed my training as a warrior, there is nothing more the guildmaster can teach me. My abilities in melee and survival have been trained over many months, and they are now superb. I am satisfied, confident in my knowledge, and proud of my achievement. And yet I feel somehow incomplete. I consult my clan on this, and they smile knowingly. "Go and talk to Marious and offer him 1000 eggs. He will give you the knowledge you need." I go to Vryce's wizard Marious, and offer him the precious eggs. -

Go to the highest point in Medievia and push the button.

Why must wizards always speak in riddles? But then I realize, that only Vryce the god of all gods, can give me my dream to become a hero, immortalized in legend. My clan offers to travel to Mt Vryce with me, and I accept, happy that they will be there to protect me and witness my rebirth.

I have been through so much with my clan, and for them to come with me now makes this moment even more special. We begin travelling up the mountain. My clannies are excited, as am I, but I can't help feeling a touch nervous too. The sights here are unbelievable - the experiments of the gods defy the senses. Ascending higher and higher, I gaze out on the lands of Medievia spread out in all their glory.

This climb represents the climb to becoming a master combatant - the effort and time it took to learn all my skills and perfect them until I had reached the end of my journey. I was worn out, but I carry much knowledge and an enormous sense of satisfaction. We reach the summit of the mountain. We pause here briefly while I gather my breath and my courage. Then... I push the button. Vryce easily sees through my mask of humility, to the desire burning within me to become a hero ..

A powerful voice roars across the mountain...

You ... are ... *NOT* ... (Ready) ... for godhood! You are not wise enough, not OLD enough! Not complete! Go back.. Go back...... Go back as a newborn! Learn what there is to be learned from the mortal realm...learn all things great and small...learn all skills..learn all everything.. Come back to me, Mortal when you are Ready!

Properly chastised, and completely awestruck, I humbly request that I might be reborn to go back and learn the skills of the thief.

The room is filled with a blinding light for 3 full feel yourself flung as if in a hurricane...your sense of balance fails you you're falling... THWOOP! You blink to clear your eyes.

[CLAN] Lavidius has just become a Thief!

My clannies cheer wildly for me, their pride evident. Even greater is the surge of pride I feel for the things I have achieved in my previous life, and excitement for the things I have yet to achieve in this one. I cannot wait to begin.

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