The Mudslinger
The Day of Compassion, the 17th day of the month of Futility, year 533

Wonderful news - I have a day off! I manage to work my way through the normal household tasks, shopped a little and even mowed the lawn. Now what?

By what name are you known on Medievia?

Well, it's not the usual time that I normally play so I thought I'd try and work with the people who are on at different times to me, usually those in other countries.

clan Hi all!

No-one is online.

You blink in surprise.

You scratch your head.

Hrmm, no new areas recently opened up to explore and nothing new in the changes notification apart from some new articles in the Medievia Mudslinger Newspaper. Perhaps I'll check for any trading catastrophes. I make my way to the newspaper vendor in Medlink and buy a copy. Nothing imminent. This is rather vexing.

Still, seeing as I've got a copy, I'll have a quick browse of the new articles. Hmm, an article on player killing - this ought to be worth a read.

I'm pleased that the author has touched on a few points that I was interested in, but I'm not convinced he's right in all aspects. I think I'll send him a mudmail through the postal system.

Next one is a poem. I have some little experience in this myself, having had a poem of my own printed before now. This particular one is rather frivolous but slightly amusing.

In days of old, when knights were bold,
And maidens were all hairy,
Some newbies formed and off they swarmed,
To try to kill a fairy.

The form did swell in Dingly Dell,
As they searched for their quarry.
It turned so tragic as Fairy magic,
Made them all so sorry.

Heros berate as we relate,
This tale of such deep sorrow.
But newbies say, at death of day,
"We'll try again tomorrow".

With a slight smile on my lips I browse for the next article.

Ferinoi telepaths you, 'You busy chatting there? I'm getting a trade run arranged here'.

You telepath Ferinoi, 'Huh? I didn't even see you come online. Give me five and I'll just finish this story...'.

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