The Day of Spirituality, 7th day of the month of the Grand Struggle, year 533

Ferinoi contacted me an hour ago and told me he was granting me a higher clan rank - no longer am I to be a squire but I shall be a knight! In addition to this he has granted me some clan privileges, namely the ability to enroll new members. Apparently we are having a membership drive to replace some recent losses. I gladly agree and am pleased I am trusted.

Now I find I have wasted an hour - everyone I meet and check seems to have a clan and are happy with their current arrangements. I decide to kick my heels in Medlink while thinking of a new approach.

Poof! You arrive in MedLink.

A small blue imp appears and incants a spell. The world collapses, then expands again. You find yourself in your clan room.

I rest awhile in our Medlink Clanhall and check the noticeboard - nothing new this time. Occasional songs flicker around with obscure lyrics and I occasionally manage to finish verses in my head before the originator does. The continual ebb and flow of gossip washes over me.

Fioyan gossips, 'I just got bloodhunted by three people.'

Gyona gossips, '*comforts*.'

Fioyan gossips, 'It wasn't that bad - I managed to beat two of them a couple of times, but three is too many.'

You gossip, '*chuckle*.'

Fioyan gossips, 'Well - it would have been easier if I'd had some clannies around...'

I make a quick check - Fioyan is not a member of any clan! Quickly I contact him.

You telepath Fioyan, 'You looking for a clan?'

Fioyan telepaths you, 'You're recruiting? Been looking for a while.'

I explain the clan principles and our own rules, mentioning what we do for clannies and what we expect from them. Fioyan is more than happy to agree to these conditions and soon...

[Fioyan] has enrolled in the Spirits of the Anonymous clan.

My clan members greet their new comrade as a long lost brother, and I am happy to swell the ranks of my fellows.

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