Magic User
The Day of Sacrifice, 4th day of the month of Sin, year 533

I am now a mage. After learning the noble arts of warfare, I must now turn my mind to the forces of magic. Once again Vryce sends me back to learn a new craft and now I am fast becoming more proficient. With my previous knowledge of avoiding damage I am much more able to survive, whilst I am able to avoid detection just as well as I could when a thief.

Now my powers are augmented by a vast repetoire of spells, all used to diminish and destroy my opponents. I can blind and weaken them, sometimes even sending them fleeing from the fight in fear or even forcing slumber upon them. My use of these spells and the knowledge of the areas from my past careers serves me well and I rise quickly in rank. Often I am placed in the rear of formations where I can chant my spells in relative safety - I no longer have my former robustness but I gladly trade it for the extra options I now have.

Within a short time I am once more a formidable foe, as my opponents soon discover to their cost. I rise quickly in the ranks of my new profession and the clanwide message

[CLAN] Lavidius has levelled!

resounds around the clan chat channel frequently. I am now used to the congratulations and look forward to the tasks ahead.

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