Joining a Clan
The Day of Valor, 33rd day of the month of the Blood Moon, year 532

Being in the New Adventurers Guild has been good, and taught me a lot, but I am no longer a new adventurer and it is time I found a clan. I have approached several people from various clans by contacting them in the social area known as Medlink, or by mailing their leaders and coleaders at the post office, and discussed enrollment into their ranks. Some have a full membership and others only recruit people who have already multi-classed, yet most are ready to listen to me and can often suggest other clans that may have room. I begin to get a list of clans ready who I am able to join and find out more about them. Some clans do not participate in any of the activities I think I would find interesting, while others seem indifferent to teaching a new clan member. I find, however, that one of the clans seems to be just what I am looking for.

I contact the clan leader, a person by the name of Ferinoi, and he meets me in Castle Square in the center of the City of Medievia. He leads me to a shadowy portal in the south western corner.

Ferinoi says to you, 'Enter Anonymous'.

You step into the portal and the world fades into the mist.

You pass through a swirling cloud of vapor...

You step through a portal, and find yourself back in the world of Medievia.

Ferinoi follows me out of the portal and announces that we are in the clantown of his clan, The Spirits of the Anonymous. He explains that all clantowns are connected by a portal system that allows easy access from one to another, or to the City of Medievia or even Trellor. It is similar in aspect to the portals that transfer one around the main city, but these reach across the entire continent. I am far from familiar ground, it seems.

I spend a while speaking with Ferinoi. He tells me that being in a clan is a good thing for me - I will have a wealth of knowledge at my fingertips, people to help me through the game and defend me from enemies, company during the long nights of gaining experience. "Your clannies," he informs me, "are people you can rely on, friends who stick with you. But you also shoulder responsibility by joining the clan. You should be loyal to your clan, and respect and help your clannies where possible. If you honor, respect and help out the clan, they will all do the same for you, and you will find you are part of a wonderful group of true friends and allies."

You say, 'Sign me up'.

[Lavidius] has enrolled in the Spirits of the Anonymous clan!

[CLAN] Lavidius has joined the clan!

The clan and the town welcome me warmly, and I realize I have found a home in Medievia, and it is a home full of friends.

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