Defeating Horneg
The Day of Compassion, 3rd day of the month of Winter Night, year 533

Horneg has been a virtual recluse since the death of his beloved, and I have heard many strange rumors about what goes on in his keep. In spite of this, I have decided to seek him out, for I have heard he may have several items I am interested in. I arrive at the area with Andyll and Lindra, and we fight our way through several creatures in the forests before finding our way up the mountain to the keep that lays on the top. We are all reasonably battle- hardened by now so the fights take less time than they would previously.

The front gate to the keep is locked, but a golem guarding the gate holds a key - we attack the golem, and take the key from its corpse. Unlocking the gate, we proceed inside. The keep is dark and seems deserted of anything human, though I feel like I'm being watched. We soon find the truth of this as we are assaulted by gargoyles and hideous monstrosities that guard the place. Many battles are close calls and we are lucky to survive on some occasions, though our teamwork is becoming better and better through our continual practice.

We finally battle through to the upper levels of the keep, and catch our breath in a cold hallway at the base of some stairs. While we wait, Lindra casts a spell that allows her to see what is in the rooms ahead without walking through them.

Lindra tells the formation, 'Its Horneg! He's by himself up there - he has a fireshield up, though.'.

You groan.

I make sure everyone is rested and at full strength before we charge in to attack.

Horneg says, 'You are NOT Protected!' Horneg makes Lavidius disappear!

Suddenly I find myself in the courtyard again. Andyll and Lindra appear next to me in flashes of light, and we look at each other in confusion.

You tell the formation, 'Okay, that was weird!'.

We explore the keep from top to bottom, and it has become apparent that Horneg is insane. His monstrous creations roam the halls, their twisted forms filling us with dread and revulsion. After much searching we locate an object, clearly belonging to his late love. We return to his room and confront him with it, distracting him long enough for me to attack. His magic is strong and his fireshield burns me with every slice of my sword, but Lindra manages to remove his fiery aura after a number of attempts, and then we join the battle in earnest.

You bash Horneg over the head with the hilt of your weapon.

I repeatedly stun him in this manner, so he has trouble casting his destructive magic, and Andyll's skill at healing keeps me alive. Even without his shield he is a formidable opponent, but my blade bites deep and soon we send him to join his departed love.

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