The Day of Honesty, 35th day of the month of Night Spirits, year 535

Many months have passed since the creation of my daughter, Horonia. She is a hero now, and her younger brother is not far behind her. I am kept busy with my many duties; clan duties, avatar duties, godly duties, and the duty to myself to keep enjoying the game. Even though I became a hero long ago, I still find plenty to do when I have time to myself - there are always new places to see, new equipment to gather, quests to participate in, and dragons to slay. Medievia is a continually growing and changing world, and I await each new aspect of the world eagerly. I am surveying some recent building work in our clantown, when

A shimmering rift appears before you, and Horonia steps out.

You say, "Hello my daughter"

Horonia says, "Hello Father! Follow me to Med City, I have a surprise."

I follow her to the clantown portal and enter.

You step in to the portal, and the world fades into mist.

You pass through a swirling cloud of vapour.

You step through a portal, and find yourself back in the world of Medievia.

You tell the formation, "So, what's this surprise then?"

Horonia smiles sweetly.

Horonia of the House of Lavidius has just had a thief son named Lavidran.

I gasp in astonishment. I'm a grandfather!

You shout, "I'M A GRANDFATHER!!!"

Lavidran appears suddenly.

Horonia says, "I named him after you, I hope you don't mind.."

I'm thrilled and flattered, and I tell her so. I bearhug them both, congratulating Horonia on her achievements, and heartily welcoming my new grandson to the never-ending adventure that is the world of Medievia.

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