Get Together
The Day of Honesty, 27th day of the month of Summer Flame, year 533

Today has been a day of mounting excitement, a feeling that has grown since I saw the news article some weeks ago. It is summer and a grand GTG - or get together as it is more formally known - has been arranged. A large barbecue and general celebration is to start at the house of a top ranking hero.

I emailed the person holding the GTG and managed to book a place for space was limited. This is why I've just spent six hours from early morning travelling on a Greyhound Coach, for the event is to be held in a relatively nearby city.

A taxi from the bus depot soon had me approaching the address I was given. The number of cars in the driveway and parked on the road were a rather good hint as to which house it is. Smiling broadly I wander to the front door.

The man who greets me is instantly recognisable from the picture page - one of Medievia's top heros and a number of years younger than me in real life. He introduces himself and points the way to the refreshments before leaving me with the command, "Mingle". I eye the options available and select an orange juice for now.

The back garden is wide and open with plenty of space for the large barbecue range. Maybe three or four dozen people are casually stood around talking together and I follow the instructions and begin to mingle. Unfortunately I fail to meet a single clannie but I do make the acquaintance of several of the top figures as well as a lot of more average people. I even meet a few Avatars.

It was with a full stomach and a fresh glass of orange that I sat down to rest in the shade of a tree. I closed my eyes to mentally review the people I had met and the potential for alliances when I felt someone sit on the bench next to me. I looked across - he was familiar from somewhere.

"Hi, Lavidius, Spirits of the Anonymous," I introduced myself.

"Hi, Vryce, God," he replied with a smile.

Decent chap, really. He even helped me back to my seat.

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