The Day of Honor, 2nd day of the month of Autumn Twilight, year 533

You sit down and rest your tired bones.

I prepare to meditate and heal some of the wounds that Elnissa, Queen of the Ice Fortress, has given me. Her minions stood little chance against my stealth and volleys of spells, amusingly enough the Frost Shards spell has served me well against them. I could have used the more powerful Shockwave spell, but as it is recently learned it is costly in mana.

I have evaded her traps and fought my way through the passages where necessary. Several items of magical aspect worth several hundred thousand on the auction fill my pocket, but the true prize of this castle is on the Queen herself, just above me. I cast a spell to prevent anyone entering this area of the hallway and she occasionally tries chasing after me, testing the barrier. I have taken advantage of this to run into the room and pound her with spells, then flee out when she gets the better of me. She is near death now and I am recovering my strength every time.

A few more minutes meditation and I shall refresh my stamina with magic, then I shall finish her. I attempt to meditate again.

You meditate for a while.... Too many people around for you to focus...

What the... Someone must be in the same room as me!

A vicious backstab from Maxran causes you to choke on your own blood. Suddenly Maxran stabs you in the back, RIP... You have been KILLED!!

[CLAN] Lavidius has BEEN NPK'd by Maxran!

NOTICE: You are leaving a PLAYER KILLING Area.

You wake up with a splitting headache that runs clear down to your toenails. You thought you had died, but you realize you only feel like it. A dazzling hemisphere of energy suddenly surrounds the area.

After all that work and he's going to get the main prize from the castle? I am more than a little livid as well as being on a few hit points.

You hear Maxran shout, 'WOOO! Thanks! Max stats on that ring!'

You shout, 'You underhanded piece of *****'.

You hear Maxran shout, 'Hey chill out - you got banked and should have been more observant'.

My reply is less than polite and deals with his ancestry in rather unpleasant detail. At least it shuts him up. I call a dragon and begin flying to Medievia to sell the goods. Upon landing I get a nasty shock.

Tryschan telepaths you, 'Ahem.'

A shimmering aura of light coalesces into a divine form.

You gulp nervously.

Tryschan says, 'Hi. We've had a complaint about your language. We're not happy about it'.

You say, 'Well he deserved it!'

Tryschan sighs heavily.

Tryschan says, 'You'll have three days frozen to cool down in. If you really think this is unfair read the rules on language and bashing, then read the help discipline files and then try your luck by emailing Vryce himself'.

I flee from the area in haste but to no avail.

The gods take away your ability to ...

You have been frozen by a god. FROZEN: Cursing and insulting behavior. You will be unfrozen when your time is up.

You have been frozen by a god. FROZEN: Cursing and insulting behavior. You will be unfrozen when your time is up.

I sit back from my keyboard and pause a moment, baffled. It's late and I decide to go to bed and think on this.

The morning dawns, but as it is a weekend I can log on a new character and check out the rules that the god Tryschan had pointed out. I am also clearer in my mind, the rage at my loss after the work has diminished and I can see the reason I was frozen. I'll admit that if someone said about me what I had said about him, I would have been offended as well.

Dear Vryce

I want to apologise for my outburst last night. I was cursing at a player who had just banked me at Elnissa - I've had run-ins with him before in PK situations so we have a sort of rivalry. I can see the reason for the rules now after thinking about what I said. When I am thawed I shall attempt to restrain myself.


I play a while on the new character I have created and realise how much I appreciate the benefits of having nearly three full classes behind me. After lunch I find Vryce's reply.


I sense true contrition and am willing to allow you another chance. You are thawed as you have a previously unblemished record. Any further outbreaks of a vulgar nature like this will be treated more severely. Just enjoy the game and take nothing personally.


A reprieve! I am relieved that I have lost but one day and vow to myself not to be caught like that again. I can seek revenge within another PK zone, perhaps, but I'll keep it civil from now on.

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