Formation Leader
The Day of Honesty, 20th day of the month of Night Spirits, year 532

I've been to Shadmire a few times with other groups, and I know the zone fairly well now. It's a good place for lower level people to get combat experience, however I'm not really skilled enough to survive by myself. We've just had an influx of new recruits in the clan, so I offer to take them for a foray.

Lindra and Andyll accept - a mage and a cleric which would make a nice balanced group. Looks like I, the warrior, am on the front ranks as usual. Accordingly, when we form up with myself as the leader for the first time ever, I place Andyll behind me, and Lindra behind him. I tell Andyll to concentrate on healing and leave the offensive spells to Lindra - Andyll casts the Sanctuary spell on me, and we enter Shadmire. As we go along, I point out to my friends the various creature types here, and which ones are the more dangerous ones. We spend a good half hour seeking foes and despatching them - a couple of close calls nearly take us, but Andyll does his job well and we survive.

[CLAN] Lindra has LEVELLED!

[CLAN] Andyll has LEVELLED!

Both at the same time! I have never seen that before! The clan whoops and cheers. "So now that you guys have levelled, want to take on Samrah?" I ask.

Lindra says, 'Argh! Isn't he a dragon?'.

I tell them that I think we can handle it if we're careful, and they agree to come along. We make our way to his lair, and I tell them what to expect. I ask Andyll to use his sanctuary spell on us all this time, and he rests briefly before we go in to regenerate his mana. We enter and the battle progresses well until,

Andyll tells the formation, 'NO MANA'

You tell the formation, 'flee'

and I wait until they have fled, before fleeing myself. That is the role of the warrior and formleader - first to battle and last to leave it. Lindra has shielded the room without needing to be asked, and we hurriedly regenerate, heal and spell up again, before jumping back into the fray. We easily finish the dragon this time and I loot the corpse. There's one item that Andyll wants, so I give that to him and auction the rest for a decent reward, splitting the profits among the group. Its time to go, and they thank me for the adventure.

You tell the formation, 'Thanks for coming! Can't wait to take you guys to Elysium!'

Lindra cringes in horror.

Andyll snickers.

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