Fishing Quest
The Day of Honor, 16th day of the month of the Frost Giant, year 533

A fishing quest is running, and I enroll as soon as I see the message. I love fishing quests - you don't need a huge damroll or the best spells to win, just a fishing rod and a bit of luck. I grab hold of the fishing line that the quest god gives me, and find a nice solitary piece of stream.

You bait the line and drop it into the water.

You feel a slight nibble on your line.

You have caught a northern pike.

I sit in this room a while longer, being careful not to eat the fish by accident, then run back to the quest god to give him my fish. He announces the amount of fish I have given him, and the total weight, as I drop my line back in to the water.

The water ripples and you catch a glimpse of movement beneath the surface.

There is a sharp tug on your line but you fail to hook anything.

Failing to catch a fish, you retrieve your line from the water.

This is no good, the quest has a time limit, and I'm currently running a close third for weight. I start running from room to room casting about wildly with my line. I catch a couple more pike, a bass, three trouts and a salmon and give them to the god. Time is almost up, and I'm coming second.

You bait the line and drop it in the water.

You have caught an amber blaze.

I cheer wildly - these fish are huge, and I turn it in just before the time limit, along with some more salmon. I only came fourth in number of fish caught, but take home first prize for total weight and average weight.

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