Dragon Ride
The Day of Sacrifice, 4th day of the month of the Blood Moon, year 532

Some of my fellow clan members wish to venture further afield today. Some have been to an area called the Preserve where wild beasts roam - they now wish to take others and I volunteer. There is a large world out there and I wish to see most of it.

We meet at the recall point and form into a group - as is proper I am placed in the front ranks with another warrior. Two mages and a cleric bring up the rear. The leader of the formation tells us that we should call for a dragon each as we are now all powerful enough to do this.

A small firelizard POPS into the room out of thin air.

The firelizard approaches you...your body shudders as if jolted...the firelizard bolts off into a pop of light. You realize it took some gold from you.

My cash reserves have taken a small loss but everyone else does not seem to mind - in fact they seem expectant. I see dragons rising in the distance but I think nothing of it, for I have seen this often.

A wise looking dragon crashes into the room, ready to be mounted.

Several of the great beasts land next to us in a flurry of wings! The initial feelings of panic evaporate when I realise that these are our mounts and are not going to eat us. Following the formleader's directions, I mount and command the dragon to fly to the Preserve.

An ancient golden dragon looks around...waiting to be mounted..looks as if he may just fly off.

You jump up and mount an ancient golden dragon.

An ancient golden dragon stretches his wings...wanting to fly.

You hang on tighter...clicking your heels on his sides..

An ancient golden dragon flaps his powerful wings and you shoot upward..soaring in small circles.

Your mount turns and heads towards The Preserve.

The view of the surrounding lands as they pass by is incredible - I see forests and roads, rivers and lakes all passing below me at an incredible rate.

An ancient golden dragon banks slowly and descends in small circles until you land.

All too soon my dragon lands and I slide off its back and look around. Several other dragons spiral to the ground around me and we waste no time - we venture into the area known as the Preserve. Soon we are proving our worth against cougars and jaguars aplenty and they fall quickly to our combined skills.

During a battle with a ferocious pack of wolves I notice a number of dragons flying away in the distance. Our mounts are gone but we can still recall back to the city when the day is done.

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