Dragon in Town
The Day of Sacrifice, 11th day of the month of Dark Magick, year 533

Long the dragon had lain in wait in his lair, just outside of our clantown. Tracks were everywhere in the countryside, even the occasional corpse of a brave but ill-fated adventurer.

I logged onto Medievia and appeared as usual within my clanhall, but the normal peace was disturbed by loud screams and shouting!

In the immediate area, you hear a large commotion with loud animal roars and yelling

100% heard you say, 'What's going on in the clantown?'.

You feel Ferinoi say, 'Hi. Someone is hunting down the dragon that has its lair near us'.

100% heard you say, 'Really? I think I'd like a piece of that action...'.

Rushing out of our clanhall I saw a number of wounded heroes recuperating from a serious battle. I saw the dragon in all its terrifying glory...

In the immediate area, you see the dragon fly up from The Spirits of the Anonymous Clan Town and attack as he dives back down!

You hear Gyona shout. 'Found it - phase me!'.

The heroes finished their preparations and winked out of sight using their spells to join Gyona. Could it be that finally, the dragon would be vanquished?

I quickly joined a form of smaller people who wanted to help but couldn't defeat the beast on their own, and we stayed close behind the heroes in their parties. We moved where they did, when they did it, and it kept us relatively safe.

In the immediate area, you hear a terrible *SNAP* sound as the dragon whips his tail at his victims.

Gyona is hurled forcefully into the room, knocking the breath from her.

The dragon trumpets a mighty roar, then belches out a huge cloud of flame.

In the immediate area, you hear dragon hunters screaming and dying!

Limited though we were in power, we added our own strength to the heroes, what a beating the dragon took!

Often it flew off, wounded heavily but no less fearsome for all that, only to attack another part of the town. The bloodlust was upon me now - I was determined to see this dragon killed. Death for him or death for me - that was the law.

The dragon barely clings to life

You tell the formation, 'We should finish it this time'.

We joined in as the heroes belabored him with powerful spells. Someday, I thought to myself, I'll be the one going into the lair and kicking these things out.

A last shockwave channeled at the dragon... the dragon was blown to pieces.

**The Dragon has been slain!**

Finally - we can sleep easier.

As the heroes took hide from the corpse of the dragon, I started to wonder when the time would come when I could ante up and hit it in the lair as well. A hero, seeming to see the glint in my eye, smiled at me. 'Your day will come young lad' he told me. 'I was once like you too. And now here I am.' He winked at me. 'See you later lad. I'm sure of it.' He faded into the portal and off to another place.

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