The Day of Honesty, 27th day of the month of Dark Magick, year 532

Perhaps I'm too confident for my own good. I've managed to brave the Graveyard a few times by myself and have found it reasonably tough going. A hint from a friendly Avatar, however, directed me to a shop in the Mage's Quarters of the City and I have obtained a supply of wands. Simply aim at the target of your choice and watch as they take extra damage.

Working my way between gravestones, I carve a steady path through the skeletons and zombies who infest this place. The combat experience is valuable and I am eager for more. The next target would appear to be one of the bats who call this graveyard their home.

A bat flaps wildly at you!

You point a gold and platinum banded wand at the vampire.
You see a gold and platinum banded wand glow with magic and slowly quiet down.
You conjure 5 magic missiles; the vampire staggers under the impact.

You miss the vampire.
You wound the vampire!
the vampire has a nasty looking welt on the forehead.
The vampire draws blood from you!
The vampire makes a nice ballet step which plants a foot a mile above your head.
The vampire smites you!
The vampire injures you!
The vampire draws blood from you!
The vampire injures you!

A Vampire masquerading as a bat! I'm in trouble now - I use my wand again and again.

You point a gold and platinum banded wand at a bat.
You see a gold and platinum banded wand glow with magic and slowly quiet down.
Exhausted of magic, a gold and platinum banded wand vanishes

You are not holding or wearing that item.

Oh no - this is bad. I have run out of wands so I'll have to run from the foe.

In your panic-stricken state, you fail to get away!

The vampire kills you!
You are stunned, but may recover.
You are stunned, but may recover.
You have been KILLED!!

You're dead now. You can't move or speak. The world becomes black and your head turns inside out with pain. Unable to scream or move, your senses are overwhelmed with agony and terror. Finally, an escape! You feel released, lighter than air, nothing but pure consciousness hovering over the hellish pain of your corpse.

Lie still; you are DEAD.

A Necromancer comes and starts a ritual over me, but I have other concerns. I'd played other online games and death is a serious business - you can lose combat experience and all the equipment you have gathered, as well as any gold you might have. This would be a setback. I tried to figure out what I had to do and found I could access the help files. Logically enough, the HELP DEATH commentary was the most useful.

Apparantly I was to become an undead corpse searching for an altar at which to pray for resurrection. But how?

The Undead Corpse of Lavidius has a sudden muscle spasm and its head rotates 360 degrees.

Ah - I appeared to be dead and moving now, but not in the place where I died. Hmm - I seem to be able to move at a rather rapid speed as well. That could be very useful indeed. I appear to be in a church - a logical place to find an altar. I make my way inside heading north, occasionally standing as my undead form stumbles.

The Altar

The altar is made of white marble, and is covered with a white satin cloth, its ends fringed in gold. Two golden candlesticks hold candles of purest beeswax, and a gold chalice and plate rest between them on the cloth. Above the altar in the northern wall of the cathedral is a rose window of such exquisite beauty and brilliant light that it takes one's breath away. To the east are the altar pews, and to the west is the choir chamber. There is a small, copper-clad door to the north. Its frame seems to glow with a soft, white light.

I decide to employ the only obvious command to use at an altar...

Pray should only be used when you're having a serious problem, such as a bug in the game, or if you need your name approved. If you're trying to return to life at a holy place, simply type "pray" with no arguments. Pray should not be used to ask for a god to resurrect you; death is part of life in Medievia. Are you sure that you want to pray "for life"?

Soleil telepaths you, 'Please just type "Pray" without any message :)'.

I do this and find that...

You must remain undead for 4 more minutes before praying at a holy place.

Well, I put the time to good use and practice my socials and emotes.

You let out a loud, resonating burp.

You look around for someone to slap.

You examine the world around you, find it pleasing, and shout 'WooWoo!'

A divine force takes pity on your wretched existence and reunites you with your spirit, breathing life into your body.

So - what do I have left? I try to see my equipment and I am left with nothing! This is terrible - I will have to find it again or find replacements. Still - someone has left a handy sword here.

You are carrying too many items to pick up the sword.

I check my inventory and get a pleasant surprise - all my equipment is there ready to be worn again. All I have lost is a few minutes time and I can start again.

Now I know to be more wary of bats.

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