Creating a World

It's interesting to see yourself mirrored in other people. I'd just guided a new warrior through his first paces, practicing, equipment and his first few kills. I had him enroll into the New Adventurer's Guild and gave him a last few minute's training before letting him out on the streets by himself. Then I went back to my offices in the godhalls.

Your surroundings become hazy and blurred for a moment. You find yourself in your home.

There were no truly new players evident so I decided to relax for a minute and monitor the New Adventurer clan channel. I answered a few questions that the newer players had, mostly easy things such as pointing them in the direction for equipment they wanted.

Ikuska telepaths you, 'Glad I caught you. You have a minute to spare?'.

You telepath Ikuska, 'I'll be right there'.

I send myself directly to Ikuska's location.

You say, 'Hi'.

Ikuska says, 'Hello. I have a new challenge for you - it's a building assignment so you should be more than capable for it. Are you interested?'.

You nod your head.

Ikuska says, 'We're expanding the range of Holosections available for people to visit. Do you know much about Holosections?'.

You shake your head.

Ikuska says, 'A Holosection is a special form of building that can be replicated around the world. A normal zone is stationary but a Holosection can be moved easily - there is no limit to the amount of copies we can make of a Holosection in its various states.'

You say, 'Sounds impressive coding'.

Ikuska says, 'It is. We need someone we can trust to do a very good job, someone who can learn the technical nature of this work'.

You say, 'I think it sounds straight-forward enough'.

Ikuska says, 'If you go to Masou, he can acquaint you with the details right now'.

I travel to Masou who is waiting in his office. We immediately begin to discuss the intricacies of Holosection building, although the main difference is in a command that I have never heard of before. I point this out.

Masou chants a phrase I have only heard once before and I am wracked with tendrils of energy. I have been promoted again!

Masou says, 'You'll need level 34 - that's where the Holosection commands are. Thanks for your work'.

Vryce [34]: Congratulations on the promotion!

Masou smiles.

Masou explains more about my new project and what sort of things I am expected to create. After this I am left to my new tasks, reporting directly to Masou. Experience is the best tutor and I plunge directly into my work.

Just think - soon my work will be spread across the world for all to see.

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