Chaotic Player Kill
The Day of Spirituality, 21st day of the month of Autumn Twilight, year 533

As I get closer to my destination, the hair on the back of my neck stands up. So far the trade run had been uneventful. Now, between me and my fortune to be made is Dark Woods. These woods are known for their Chaotic Player Kill area. I scan about anxiously for players that may have come here to kill me in these lawless lands.

I halt the wagon. The roads ahead are much too harsh for the covered wagon I have brought. I will have to brave the woods to get a pack mule from the NaeraMae trading post.

The dark woods

You are traveling through woods that are as dark as night. The trees above block all light and wind. The air is stagnant and smells of death and decay. The lack of sounds and other signs of life make your skin crawl and you feel very much like turning back and heading for safer areas. The path leads north into more open lands while it also leads south into the darkness of the forest. A giant, ugly humanoid turns at your approach, and grins viciously.

Quickly I make it through and to the other side. I rush from NaeraMae to return through the woods with my newly acquired mule, my heart racing the whole way. I pause to once again farsight and scan for dangers within, take a deep breath, and then streak like a scared rabbit though the woods. I arrive at the spot where my wagon is hitched to a convenient post, panting and out of breath. I rested a quick tick and then began to load part of my freight onto the mule. With a little less caution than in the trips before, I begin to rush through the woods. I had already ran through the area twice now. I figure if anything was going to get me, it would have already. I make two more trips through the woods, both as uneventful as the first. I return to my wagon for the last trip. In a hurry to finish, and foolishly confident from my previous success, I run into CPK without a second thought. It was only on this final leg of the trip that everything started to fall apart.

You hear footfalls behind, turning your head, you notice Maxran.
Maxran slashes at you with a Dagger of Fire and misses.
You parry Maxran's attack.
Maxran's pierce misses you.
Maxran's pierce misses you.
Your pierce misses Maxran.
Your pierce misses Maxran.
Maxran dodges your attack.
Maxran has a nasty looking welt on the forehead.

When I realized that I was being attacked, I did what any brave adventurer would do: I ran until I was out of breath and could run no more. As I was panting and wheezing and trying to collect myself, courage crept into my frightened heart. Perhaps I could catch my attacker off guard with a trick of my own. I rushed back to catch Maxran recovering from his missed backstab. I gathered my nerve and began the chanting that would draw all my magic together in preparation for one massive discharge of power.

You begin to chant, and a black aura forms around you.

You raise your hands, and your aura engulfs Maxran.
Maxran engages you in combat.
Your supercharged bolt of pure magic shatters Maxran into sparkling motes of dust.
Maxran is DEAD!!
You are awarded 708536 experience points for the battle.

I escape with many grievous wounds, Maxran's Dagger of Fire, Clan Item and a certain Elnissa's ring. I could have taken a number of other items but that takes time - I'm wounded and in a CPK area so I take what I get quickly. After all Maxran may have friendly clan members around and I don't think I could survive another attack like that. With blood on my hands and a slight smile, I reach the trading post with the last of my goods. The trading post attendant paid me a handsome profit for my goods. As I walk back, I can hear that pleasant jingling sound that only a pocket full of gold can make.

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