Bislim [34]: I think that I have completed the MOM files for the new holosection. Ready for final approval.

I sit back and relax for a few minutes, considering an idea I had during a trade run a few days back. It's odd how an idea can ferment in your subconcious for a few days, and then suddenly appear as a fully fledged project.

Bislim [34]: Any coders with some free time to discuss some special procedures I'm thinking of for a new zone?

Masou [34]: Sure

Masou appears in my office in a flash of light. I've worked with Masou once before on another zone, although in my time I have worked with nearly every coder on the staff.

You say, 'I have an idea for a new zone and I need some procs in it. I just wanted to check the feasibility - I worked out some of the code in my head beforehand'.

Masou says, 'You know how to code? You do have a range of talents. Anyway, what procedures do you want?'.

We discuss the procedures and my ideas seem to have been mostly correct. Masou chats with me for a time - we even swap some 'convoluted bugs from hell' stories for light relief. It's only programmers who can find humor in code.

A few weeks later I find an interesting message in my email.


We have a vacant coder position at the moment. I have it on good authority that you have aptitude in this direction. If you are interested in such work, contact me and I'll arrange for your coding knowledge to be tested.


It's not every day you receive an offer like this! I reply quickly and am soon put through my paces by Ozymandias. The tests are progressively more difficult and become taxing towards the end, but I manage to complete them all. Ozymandias seems satisfied but says little, vanishing back to his offices after the tests. It is a little time later that I receive a message.

Vryce telepaths you, 'I think you'll do fine - we've reviewed your work and are prepared to offer you the position'.

I hadn't realised I had been holding my breath.

Vryce telepaths you, 'It's a very important position - I treat all promotions of this nature very seriously indeed. You will have access to the inner workings of Medievia'.

You telepath Vryce, 'I see'.

Vryce explains the details he needs from me and just what my first tasks are to be. I will be reporting to Ozymandias and within a few days I'll be a level 35 god.

Destiny often has strange paths to follow. I'm just glad I can soon contribute to the very heart of Medievia.

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