Clantown Building
The Day of Valor, 20th day of the month of the Scorpion, year 533

Ferinoi, my clan leader, has seen fit to grant me some extra rank and responsibility. Not only am I to be a trademaster within our clan, I have been asked to expand our clantown. Our coffers are decently full and we can afford to create and sustain a larger town.

It is a strange feeling, to create something that others will be able to visit and appreciate. I find a quiet area of the town and think hard - I alter the current area and form a junction and extend the new road a distance to the east. A side exit becomes a small park with a central pond, while the end of the road is dominated by a large, marble palace.

After filling the interior of the palace with some basic rooms, ready for more elaboration, I notice the time.

100% heard you say, 'Hey - isn't it time we hit the road for more trading?'

You feel Ferinoi say, 'I've been trying to contact you about it for some time now. You seem to have been... busy :)'

You chuckle ruefully.

Time certainly can fly when you're having fun! With a backward glance at my handiwork I summon a dragon and head for the nearest trading post - I must work out the best trades for now my clan relies on me and not the other way around.

Perhaps tomorrow I can add a small copse in the park..

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