Clan Leader
The Day of Honor, 30th day of the month of Vryce's Arrival, year 534

I have certainly fallen on my feet. Pleading other commitments, our clan coleader has been unable to continue her duties - Ferinoi said he had little trouble in chosing me as her replacement. I am honored by his faith in my abilities, but I am concerned that there is something he has not been telling me. Still, I perform the tasks as best I can - organizing trading runs, equipment runs and fun activities.

Ferinoi telepaths you, 'How is the job going?'

You telepath Ferinoi, 'Fine - apart from having to turn applicants down. We have a number of people who want to join our ranks.'

Ferinoi telepaths you, 'That's why I wanted you as coleader of the clan. You needed experience and I think you are ready to lead a clan of your own - a sister to this one.'

You fall dead on your face.

The weeks of trading have had a purpose after all! I am astounded at the outcome - I need some time to gather my thoughts. It takes a little time to get used to the thought but Ferinoi is a shrewd judge of character - he knew that I would come to like the idea a lot. Ferinoi arranges matters over the next few days whilst I prepare myself. Soon we are in the presence of Lena, the Goddess in charge of these matters.

Lena says, 'Are you ready?'

You nod your head.

Lavidius has been removed from the Spirits of the Anonymous clan.

I have mixed feelings - the clan has been my family and home, but now I can make my own home. I am somewhat flattered by the number of attempts to get my attention from members of other clans - presumably they seek an easy target for recruitment. I ignore them with a smirk.

THE CLAN: Kindred of the Unknown has just been created!


Lena says, 'Congratulations, Lavidius. Have fun with your new clan and may you prosper.'

After a short time the Kindred's clanhall is formed and placed within the Spirit's clantown - we are sistered within minutes.

[TOWN] Prince Ferinoi says, 'Congratulations - now the work really begins!'

You groan loudly.

Lena waves and disappears and I begin to contact those who I had to turn down for membership of the Spirits. I need a coleader as well as a structure within which people can be trained. I also need to set my title back to "The Wise Monkey of The Unknown" to reflect an in-joke we have in the Spirits.

This is going to be interesting.

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