The Day of Compassion, 10th day of the month of the Grand Struggle, year 533

It was with a merry heart that I bought my Mudslinger Paper this morning from the Scribe. I'd already read it but I felt like reading it again, for I had managed to send in a poem I had labored over for some weeks. The reward of a god given pocket, able to carry many hundreds of items, sat on my hip where I displayed it proudly. I glanced briefly at the other articles (vastly inferior, of course...) and reread my own effort with a certain glee.

Something caught my eye - not a reader submission but a warning about the tragedy currently occuring in Trellor. Apparantly a plague had broken out and had devastated the countryside. A serious warning was given for people not to go unless their business was urgent.

You smile happily.

100% heard you say, 'Catastrophe at Trellor - it will be open soon. Anyone wanting to come along can meet me at Riverton."

Several clannies immediately jump at the chance. A catastrophe is worth a long run on the roads, and we will have to run quickly to get there before the Trade Post opens again. Many other people will be making their own way there as well.

I land my dragon at Riverton and meet my clannies - thoughtfully they have obtained a spare mount for myself and we set out without further ado. Everyone knows the routine by now and we make good speed. A Demonlord attempts to steal our freights but we repulse him and his demonic hounds - I am no longer worried for my life but for the time it costs us. Every second we waste means we make less money, and I have a use for money right now.

A horde of Kobolds delays us briefly as we chase down one of their number who took our wagons. A mana storm, however, made this work easy as our clerics were able to keep our horses' vigour refreshed on a regular basis. It is not these troubles that delay us for too long but another. As we pass a guide who helpfully points the way, we notice...

At 2 o'clock in the distance you notice a green dragon circling in the air.

I ignore it for time is short.

At 1 o'clock in the distance a green dragon lands and begins hunting someone.

You feel as if you are being followed.

You groan loudly.

Of all the times to be hunted by a dragon!

100% heard you say, 'Are we a big enough group to take on a Green dragon?"

You feel Ferinoi say, 'I'd have said not. Summon one for defence."

All our group begin to summon dragons just in case - the popping of the firelizards is intense for a moment and we start our journey again, watching for signs of the hunter. I regret the use of gold but soon we see...

At 12 o'clock nearby you see an Adult Gold Dragon pounce on a victim.

Ignoring the dragons that land heavily around us we race on and pass the dragons as they fight in a mortal combat. I check on the state of the dragons and ours is getting the best of it. Our clerics augment it with a barrage of heals, as a courtesy measure, and we waste no more time.

We are many miles away when we see the gold dragon flying away, bearing the green dragon's head. A pity we could not have stayed in the hope of magical items from the evil dragon, but maybe another day. Trellor is near and we hurriedly ready weapons as we enounter another group of Kobolds. This time someone else has engaged them and we join in to assist - our combined strength is more than the Kobolds can bear and they fall swiftly. Of course, the rain storm that was overhead at the time augmented our mage's electrical bolts which assisted greatly. We leave the other party to heal their wounds as we need speed - our clerics must heal us on the move.

The trading post outside Trellor is full of people and their freights, many trying to ignore the plague that afflicts everyone from time to time. The clerics are kept busy until we notice people selling their freight. Immediately we all sell ours and reap rich rewards! The several million gold coins I deposit in the Bank of Trellor make a nice sound as we call more dragons to bear us to another place, perhaps Sea's End this time, for another bounty.

100% hear you say, 'Woooo! We're bringing home the cash today!"

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