The Day of Justice, 8th day of the month of Trellor's Founding, year 533

I am nearing the apex of my profession and my Clan Leader, Ferinoi, has taken note of this. It's time for me to learn of the horrors that exist beneath the crust of the earth in the Catacombs. I have heard of this place in passing, often whispered and rarely entered with anything approaching good cheer. I meet Ferinoi at Castle Square in the City of Medievia and he takes me with him up into the castle. As we travel he tells me that all Medievians must face the challenges of the Catacombs and he will help me to learn their terrors. - We reach the Wizard Marious in the War-Room and Ferinoi asks as to the location of the entrance to the Catacombs - apparantly they move on an infrequent basis. It turns out they are in the Forbidden Forest just to the west of the City and we must make haste, for many others will be making their way there as well. He incants a spell and we move faster than we would normally be able to - we move down the streets of the City at an astonishing rate and soon find ourselves in the Forest itself.

The trees begin to become more numerous here. North leads you deeper into the forest, while to the south the forest thins out. More forest can be seen to the west, and the ground becomes softer as you go east. Soft green ferns cover the lush, verdant ground here.

The entrance to the Catacombs is just a hole in the ground, and we pause as Ferinoi prepares us both with spells that will last a long while. Then we descend into darkness. Ferinoi weaves a mantle of invisibility about us both and we begin to search this stygian abyss.

The water falls down and below here with such power that the whole place vibrates from it. The whole water pool of Medievia must sink down to the depths here.

Strange tunnels and wierd caverns combine with lakes and underwater passages. Shadows cast on the walls and noises come from everywhere.

You say, ' this place is wierdwierd wierd wierd.... . .'.

Ferinoi grins evilly at you.

Ferinoi says, ' love those echoesechoes echoes echoes.... . .'.

Soon we come across a pulsating mass of blood-red vines, blocking the passageway. Ferinoi prepares us with the sanctuary spell and we attack. Tendrils lash at us as we slice at it with our weapons - our attacks augmented by Ferinoi's spells. It took a few minutes but we emerged victorious. Before Ferinoi could weave the invisibility around us again, though, a giant bear lumbered into the tunnel.

This time the fight was much longer and I was severely wounded by the end of it, for my white aura had dissipated. Ferinoi gasped for breath by the end of it but had enough strength to heal my wounds. A brief search of the corpses netted us several eggs which I stored in my pouch at Ferinoi's command. We continued on into the darkness.

We passed an old man, blinded and searching the walls for a route. Ferinoi briefly looked at him and shook his head silently - too much trouble to attack. A pattering of many feet alerted his senses and he grinned heartily.

Ferinoi tells everyone, "You'll love this, we'll just have to be careful."

A massive centipede followed its feelers into the room and we attacked. I couldn't undestand why Ferinoi had warned me to be careful as it was suffering our damage. It died noisily and Ferinoi did not waver from his fighting stance - I wondered at this and nearly died with shock as its corpse split into two fresh sections. We renewed our assaults and the pieces split once more. Ferinoi sent blast after blast of acid at the many segments - it felt like we were fighting a legion of foes. We survived the assaults and eventually the smallest pieces fell to the floor, dead. Sorely bruised I sank to the floor - this was an interesting definition of "You'll love this."

We ventured along many tunnels, gathering more and more eggs as we went. Occasionally I saw purple marks glowing in the air - Ferinoi pointed these out as being the passagemarks of other adventurers. My head becomes bruised from the continual barriers of stalactites that I encounter

Eventually I could hold no more eggs and Ferinoi nodded. He incanted a spell that drained his vigor terribly and formed a portal to the upper world. To my surprise we ended up in the War Room again. I followed Ferinoi's instructions and,

[CLAN] Lavidius has turned in 143 eggs!

My clannies celebrated and I thanked Ferinoi heartily. He told me that we had only touched the upper levels of the Catacombs and that we would have to penetrate deeper on many occasions to get the eggs that I would need. Greater horrors of a much more dangerous nature awaited us and I quailed at the thought.

You cringe in terror.

Ferinoi tells everyone, "Don't worry, lad. I'll help when I can - that's what clannies are there for."

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