The Day of Honor, 30th day of the month of Futility, year 534

The ranks of the heros are plentiful and the living is easy. I have now lead many an attempt to garner equipment, many an attempt to destroy dragons and have spent many days in the Catacombs. I have made my mark in the Herobattles and am near to the cherished rank of Champion Hero, but somehow there is something missing.

I could, perhaps, retrain myself away from being a Cleric and once more become a Mage, Warrior or Thief, but that does not appeal - yet. Perhaps another day. Instead, I decide it is time to start a family. I have a friend who I know would love Medievia, so I give her a call and ask if she would like to play my daughter. She finds the idea amusing, but I explain to her that it means I will always be around to help her and look after her as her character grows. She will have advantages, such as starting with slightly better stats, and my wealth of knowledge to guide her travels through the game, and she will have the responsibility of my bloodline upon her shoulders - should she stop playing, and I have no other children, my bloodline will die out. I ask what name she would like, and then create the character. Presently, the announcement comes...

Lavidius, of the House of Lavidius, has created a Daughter Horonia.

The immortal channel is full of congratulations, and more than one quip about the trials of parenthood. With a new purpose I begin to gather the equipment that shall serve my offspring well. Perhaps, when she is old enough to adventure for herself without my assistance, I shall arrange a baby brother for her. Yet for now I shall protect and aid my daughter, for she in turn can eventually produce children of her own. A dynasty awaits us. -

Once more the adventure starts.

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