The Day of Honesty, 20th day of the month of Summer Flame, year 533

You feel Aida say, "We might be a little while Lav, we're stuck in a massive hurricane"

I grumble to myself a little. One problem with form trade runs is waiting for everyone to get organised. Having grown bored of hanging around the Riverton trade shop, I decide to pass the time down in the mines for a while. Being a player killing area unlike the rest of the town, the experience gained from mob kills is slightly better than normal. I do a few laps of the upper levels, wiping out the inhabitants as I go.

You feel Tergen say, "Oh, can I come on the trade run too? I won't be long, just have to offload some gear and re-equip."

100% heard you say, "Sure, everyone's welcome"

More delay, and now I've just about killed everything at the top of the Mines. Checking the "where" command, I notice a few newbies are also killing things down here. I grin evilly to myself in anticipation of more interesting prey. Sneaking quietly through the tunnels, I track my first victim.

You discover tracks on the ground, indicating your prey left east.

I come upon her as she is fighting a dwarf. I wait quietly in the shadows until she has killed it, then plunge my dagger into her back. Only a single strike, but it does the job. I feel a twinge of guilt at what people call "cherry picking", but my boredom overrides my moral scruples, and I begin tracking another newbie. Five very easy kills later, and I figure it's probably about time to head back up.

You feel Andyll say, "Lav, do you mind waiting for me to finish running Elnissa? I'm almost done, and I could really do with some trading points"

100% heard you say, "Sure, no problem."

I am beginning to wonder if we'll ever get started. I head back up to the surface to restock my orange potions.

You convulse in pain as Katharg powerfully stabs you in the back with a dagger.

What the heck? Then I remember I have blood on my hands, and probably a lot of it since the newbies were way below my skill level. I can now be attacked by players in a lawful area. However, because he attacked me Katharg also has blood, and I flee the room, only to run back in and attack him. Of course, that means my blood will last for longer, but I've nothing better to do for now. I manage to get a good triple on him, but he is way out of my league, and his return backstab finishes me. I appear in the wilderness near Riverton, very low on hit points. Wanting to save my green potions for the trade run I sit down and meditate for a while. As I am meditating, however, a form comprised of five familiar looking newbies enters the room.

Forath says, "Revenge!"

My meditation leaves me lagged and extremely vulnerable, as they assail me with melee and a barrage of spells. I wake up a short distance away, but now they too have blood and I can use the blood command to see where they are.

In the immediate area, you sense someone with some blood on their hands.

Yipes! they're right next door! Too late I try to run, and again I see the message

[CLAN] Lavidius has been NPK'd by Forath!

Then Katharg arrives on the scene again and the next five minutes are chaotic as Katharg slays me, I slay newbies, newbies slay me, and I even manage to kill Katharg once.

You feel Tergen say, "C'mon Lav, what are you doing? We've been waiting forever for you!"

I groan, and shake my head ruefully as I realise that its probably going to take several hours to get rid of all the blood I have just earned.

100% heard you say, "Yeah, I'm coming"

[CLAN] Lavidius has been NPK'd by Katharg!

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