Becoming a Hero
The Day of Compassion, 17th day of the month of Medievia's Birth, year 534

Only four hours of "Double Experience Day" left and 50 million experience points before I hero! I told everyone in my clan that I was going to hero tonight though now I am not so sure about it. Most of my clannies went to bed long ago. Andyll had helped for a couple of hours and made the xping go faster, but fatigue soon claimed him with the rest. Creature after creature, fight after fight, I trudge on through the murky swamp of Thanos. I watch my experience counter slowly dropping and get start getting impatient. The last million or so always seems to take forever. Finally I gather enough to lower the counter to only a few thousand. I know exactly where I am going to get these last few points too.

Heading out of the dismal swamp I walk back up to the clantown near the zone. Once at the town, I kill a few of the inhabitants that are standing around to lower the counter even farther though careful not to gain too much. I use the portal to make my way back to the City of Medievia.

You step through a portal, and find yourself back in the world of Medievia.

After stepping out of the portal, I search for the target that I want. A few rooms later I find him.

A rough-looking warrior prowls the streets, looking for trouble.

The warrior is the first opponent I had killed in Medievia, and though he won't be my last, he seems fitted to my purpose.

You chant out the arcane words and are drained of 23 mana. Your shockwave hits a brawling warrior with full force, causing an immediate death. A brawling warrior is DEAD!! You are awarded 3015 experience points for the battle. a brawling warrior is removed from a brawling warrior's formation. You shiver in disgust as a brawling warrior lets out a final, agonizing moan before death.

100% hear you say, 'Woowoo! Hero, finally!'.

And throughout Medievia, everyone hears:

Please give a moment of silence for the brawling warrior who gave up his life so Lavidius could hero! Congrats Lavidius!

I am finally able to join my clannies in the competition for Champion Hero through herobattles, the banter on the immortal channel, and various quests. I no longer have to eat or drink and I can start a bloodline of my own.

But all of this will have to wait, as I now retire for the night with a broad smile upon my face.

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