Becoming a God
The Day of Spirituality, 21st day of the month of Autumn Twilight, year 533

Some weeks previously, a news article had advertised that Medievia needed some more builders and that anyone wishing to apply should read the "help builder" file. I looked at the files and thought, "I could do this," and promptly sent off an application.

I have just finished a trade run when Ikuska telepaths me without warning.

Ikuska telepaths you, 'Hi - are you busy?'

You peer around intently.

Ikuska telepaths you, 'I need a word - would you mind if I brought you to my office?'.

I give my excuses to the clan members I had taken on the run and go to Medlink and our Link Clanhall.

You telepath Ikuska, 'I'm ready'.

Suddenly I am elsewhere and in the presence of a Goddess.

You say, 'Is there a problem?'

Ikuska says, 'I just approved your builder application and if you are interested I'd like to discuss it with you.'

You blink in disbelief.

Ikuska brings up a few points about my submission and I answer to the best of my ability. Some points about my work were good while others needed some improvement. Ikuska seems satisfied with my responses.

Ikuska says, 'If you are ready now do you know what name you would like for your builder?'.

You say, 'Bislim?'

The name is acceptable and I soon find myself logging in with a character by that name. Ikuska takes the time to explain to me what my duties are to be. I am not to be let loose on a whole new zone myself, instead I am to work on an existing city to add certain elements and to change others. This is all part of an ongoing process of upgrading and refinement. It is made perfectly clear that this process never ends, some day my work may be redone again but for now, this is my time.

I am transported to the city in question and told exactly what is to go where, but also that I cannot leave the city itself as I am restricted. I do not care, I have building help files to read and work to do. This is much more entertaining than building our clantown, and it costs my clan nothing at all. Still, the clantown was good practice and I do not have to check too often with the help files.

You create a room to the west.

You nod your head thoughtfully.

I begin to add the description, maybe some stone walls to fit in with the rest of the city.

Some hours later I leave after completing an entire street and a few buildings - furnished with interiors and things to look at. I quit where I am from my Builder and log on again as Lavidius, after all they say that all work and no play makes Lavidius a dull boy.

100% heard you say, 'Hey guys, you'll never guess what happened to me today...'

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