The Day of Justice, 22nd day of the month of Summer Flame, year 534

The time I have spent teaching Horonia about the world and helping her whenever she needs it has taught me how rewarding it is helping new people, or "newbies" as they are called by most. Itís a joy watching their excitement at getting new equipment, gaining levels and learning how much Medievia has to offer. I remember the Avatar who guided my first steps in the land of Medievia, and I realize I have found a new purpose in life. Now that Horonia has grown enough to make her own way through Medievia, with the help of her clannies, I don't need to spend as much time guiding her, so I put my name down on the Avatar waiting list.

I am fortunate - more Avatars are needed at present. I know that some people are on the waiting list for months before a fresh group of recruits are selected, but within only a few days I am told I have been accepted. I am told of the responsibilities I have as an Avatar, and the abilities I may use in my quest to help newcomers to our land. I am given a well thumbed book to read - The Book of Avatars, and I spend a while perusing its well-worn pages. Now as an Avatar, I have the power to approve people's names and to listen to the clantalk on the New Adventurers Guild channel, answering queries and offering helpful advice to new people. I walk the streets of Medievia, looking for lost souls to whom I can point the way. As I stand in Medievia Central Square, a young swordpupil peers at me, and asks "What's an Avatar?" I smile, fondly remembering long ago when I asked that very question.

You say, "An Avatar is a Hero dedicated to helping new players.."

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