The Day of Compassion, 10th day of the month of the Frost Giant, year 533

It was quiet on the clan channel. Most of my clannies had either gone to bed or fallen asleep at their keyboards but I still felt ready for anything. There were no people to run zones with and I was bored of just getting xp, so I decided to fly to Medievia City to check my mail and clean out my locker. Maybe if I was lucky I could catch Rocky running one of his quests.

I was walking through the city when I happened upon a mercenary patrolling the streets with an "(AQ)" before his name. I'd heard of this before from clannies - it had a quest that was appropriate for my level. Never let it be said that Lavidius was scared of a challenge!

A mercenary says, ‘I know of a task to be performed, perhaps you are the right person for the job!’

He explains that my first objective is to find a young mermaid. It seems simple enough, so I agree to take up the quest. After all, I have three hours to complete it all in and that should be plenty.

Your quest has BEGUN!

I thought I had seen this particular creature before so I decided to check out my hunch. After searching the drowned City of Lattyrna, I finally come upon the mermaid and smile to myself.

The young mermaid says, ‘Hello there adventurer. I have a most noble quest for thee. I have longed to see what is above the sea’s surface, to feel the sand between my toes, to be able to jump, run, frolic... well, you get the picture. I have recently found an ancient recipe for a potion that will allow me to try the delights of the air! The problem is that some of the ingredients are found only above the surface. If you gather these items for me, I would be most grateful. I need a clump of mud, a sealed bubble of air, and a handful of dangling roots.’

I decided to look for the mud first - I've seen that before in a zone where I've been hunting player kills. The trick now was to venture into the Warrens of the Moshata and get this particular item without being the victim myself. I must admit I felt a sense of relief when my dragon landed there as there didn't seem to be anyone else around.

I located a Mud Man with the clump rather easily, although I normally wouldn't bother taking this item from him. It made me feel slightly silly, to be honest, but there was a beautiful mermaid in need and I had taken the challenge! The roots were found close by, as were a few hunters who tried to get a score or two by attacking me. Still, I know enough about the art of player killing to avoid them now.

I was not too sure to where I could find a sealed bubble of air, though. None of the areas that I had tried before had this strange item. Many dragons and several fruitless searches later, I finally consulted my town. Their suggestion was E’urdin Zilartzen, a place to be careful in I was informed.

I quickly called a dragon and made my way there. After trudging through muck and fighting many battles, I emerged with the item tucked away in my pack. After my sojourn there I was prepared to accept their comments that this was indeed a strange place - getting out was not nearly as easy as getting in.

I checked my time limit. I had just enough time to make it back to the mermaid.

The young mermaid says, ‘Oh, thank you so much! It sure did take you a long while to gather these. I hope it wasn’t too much trouble. You’ll never know how much I appreciate this!’

She takes the items you brought and lays them on the table. After adding a pinch of this and a bit of that, and then a little mixing, she has some strange brown goo that she pours onto the bubble.

She picks up the bubble and takes it outside as it starts to grow in size. Soon it is big enough for her to swim into. The bubble begins to fill with thick steam and rises to the surface.

***Congratulations on completing your Auto Quest!***

**Congratulations on completing your Auto Quest!**

*Congratulations on completing your Auto Quest!*

You are awarded 200 quest points!

After completing the quest, I headed back to the City of Medievia and to the locker rooms. I was almost there when

You hear Rocky, Baalzebul’s pet rock shout, ‘Let’s play Token Hunt!’.

The locker can wait, I decide, and make my way to recall.

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