The Day of Sacrifice, 25th day of the month of the Goddess' Death, year 533

I have been keeping an eye on the auctions for several weeks now, in the hopes of obtaining a Ki-rin's horn. I dare not tread the paths where the rare magical daggers may be found, and the few brave adventurers who do are reluctant to part with their treasure. I did see one at auction yesterday, but my hopes were quashed when I realized how worn and chipped it was. Suddenly my hopes flare anew, as the auctioneer announces a Ki-rin's horn for sale! I examine it carefully - a perfect, pristine specimen, and the minimum bid is only 100 gold coins! I bid immediately.

Your bid has been rejected because:
Your bid of 1,000,000 is insufficient. You must bid at least 2,000,000

The other auction vultures are circling, and I must now use strategy to win this. I bid 2 million, doubling the price.

***AUCTION:*** Sharn bids 5,000,000 on a Ki-rin's horn in slot C***

Again I double the price, but Sharn matches my strategy and the horn is now going once to Sharn for 20 million. I race to the bank and check my balance, then play my final card. I bid 50 million. I know I'm paying a lot, but I want her to think I will stop at nothing to get this item. If she outbids me now, I can't afford it, but she doesn't know that.

***AUCTION:*** a Ki-rin's horn going ONCE to Lavidius for 50,000,000 in slot C...

***AUCTION:*** a Ki-rin's horn going TWICE to Lavidius for 50,000,000 in slot C...

I wait in mute agony.

***AUCTION:*** a Ki-rin's horn SOLD to Lavidius for 50,000,000 from slot C. An imp pops in and gives you a ki-rins horn.

I hold my prize aloft and cheer wildy.

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