The day of Honor, 9th day of the month of Grand Struggle, year 533

My clan is mostly in bed but I still remain awake. Somehow, I just cannot sleep. Without clannies online I don't feel inclined to trade, and the equipment areas I am interested in are being run by other clans.

I take a dragon to Riverton and start to attack people in the mines, honing my skills in NPK. It doesn't take long before a hero shows up and slams me around the local wilderness until my blood has ticked off.

I need practice. I remember Adversary. "That will do nicely," I think to myself as I transport myself to Medlink. "I can get some much needed practice in there." The choices are easy to make - I decide to try my luck as a thief.

Anonymity - I have to choose from twenty names so I can go about my business without aggravation in the outside world. Ionven - that sounds a decent enough name. Lavidius has more nobility about it, I think, but for now I am Ionven.

I've heard about the equipment in the Adversary arena but I don't know what it all does. The Cranberry Dagger of Night Fallen? Sounds interesting.

All right. I have my new name, some strange equipment, and a thirst for blood. Who is around?

Altra slowly fades into existence.
You reel in pain as Altra lunges at your back and lazily penetrates your defenses with The Cranberry Blade of Awakened Fury.

What the... I flee as quickly as I can and survey the damage from my fellow thief. That hurt! Still, I have my own weapon and return to repay the compliment.

You plunge The Cranberry Dagger of Night Fallen into the back of Altra.
Before he can react, The Cranberry Dagger of Night Fallen tears through Altra's defenses and plunges into his back.
Your grip on The Cranberry Dagger of Night Fallen slips, and its tip only finds Altra's shoulder blades.
Altra pales visibly as death nears.


Altra dodges your attack.
Altra dodges your attack.
Altra dodges your attack.
Altra pales visibly as death nears.
Altra's pierce misses you.

--<<< Here >> >>Fighting

Nice - I can see the sounds I should be hearing. That will be useful. Even better, Altra appears to have suffered wounds before from another combat.

Altra becomes panic-stricken and attempts to flee.
Altra flies west.

--<<< Adjacent >> west >>Movement

I give chase, but then I realise that I can use all four classes worth of abilities. I nearly forgot that.

You chant out the arcane words and are drained of 75 mana.
A glowing white aura surrounds your body.

The advantage is mine. I hunt and...

With unbelievable luck, Altra moves away just as you slash at his back.
Altra makes a strange sound but is suddenly very silent, as you place The Cranberry Dagger of Night Fallen in his back.
Altra is DEAD!!
A shy nymph appears and hands you a crystalline flask.
(ADV)Ionven (L17 Thief) just killed Altra (L25 Warrior).
You are awarded 1500000 experience points for the battle.
You shiver in disgust as Altra lets out a final, agonizing moan before death.

He'll be back, but I am going to be ready for him. Besides, I have this handy flask now...

As you smooth the oil over The Cranberry Dagger of Night Fallen, a glowing aura engulfs it, then seeps into it.

The hunt begins in earnest.

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