Medievia Screenshots
A ship being attacked by another and about to go aground
Onboard a small and fast one-mast nine-gun Sloop ship
A raging Wilderness fire
Standing near the docks, and a farm.
The same area as above from on a ship as the first Medievia regatta starts.
Cast sense weather shows you the whole world and where storms are.
Weather command shows you the local weather.
Flood catastrophe hitting trellor, with lions and wolves attacking the roads.
Giant Seaslug from the bloodsea trailing massive wilderness fires.
Inside a Hellraider infestation from afar, complete with players crucified
on crosses and rivers of blood.

Player trying to get up the nerve to enter Hellraider Chaotic Player Kill,
the most serious and real player killing of any game anywhere.

When your ship is surrounded by many pods of searams, emerald kah, and
sea griffons, you wonder if the DM has gone mad.

This almost looks peaceful, nice ship, big funny looking sea serpent monster,
nice cape. Sure....its... peacefull!

And then the little ship gets some emerald kah to ride the bow for speed to
get the heck away!

Violet serpents and a ship with some sea griffons helping.
A ship being followed by two serpents.
Coming in to dock going way too fast.
Gold serpents get no respect. Here it is on its silly slow ramming run and
the ship crew is paying more attention snagging serpent meat onto the deck.

They were so focused they got rammed! Now they are at it's mercy as it
swims around with the ship on it's head.

Mamma and Pappa serpent wondering why you just killed their baby.
A small ship crew pretending to be busy.
One thing leads to another at Medievia. See serpent, see serpent hit the ship,
see the captain ask for more crew!

A ship crew in a serious adventure.
And here we thought this area of the ocean would be easy.
Who ever said the edge of the world would be easy should come visit this ship.
You hear Sedrith shout, 'christmas serpent!'.
Two ships battling serpents and each other.
This is a hellraider infestion from afar as shown on the live map from maps page.
You have killed their mom and now you are surrounded.
This ship damage page is after just one of the ruby dragon headed babies rammed.
Wise captains will look here and say, that dude is firing too early!
And they would be correct.
That collision hurt but these fires from the dragon headed serpent are the problem.
I wish we could tell you they did not sink or that the Ruby Kah saved them,
but they were not coded yet.

A giant Voroderm attack from below, turning the area into a big infested CPK mess.
Every ship captain feels that they must test where the ship crews breaking point is.
A lion pack coming from the north, a lion pack coming from the south.
All of your covered wagons in the middle. How heroic are you today?

Approaching a road trampled wide by so many lions patrolling it.
Some days you get sucked into hell, the good news is that you cannot die here!
Medievia weather is very cool.
Heading towards the mountains with your trading wagon, surrounded by wolves.
Live map shot of a Giant Seaslug coming from the blood sea, leaving huge
trampled areas and miles and miles of forest fires.

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