Name: Mike or just V
E-mail: vryce@medievia.com
Hometown: Philly area
Birthday: January 1965, Capricorn, year of the dragon
Marital Status: Married to Soleil
Children: Mike is 21, Jennifer is 17, and Benjamin is 7
How long in Medievia: I was the first to log in!
Medievia people met in real life: Over 300 or so...
Medievia GTGs attended: All of the big ones and almost all of the small
Greatest accompishment on Medievia: Making the damned thing work!!^%!@
Jobs on Medievia: I own the game and manage all aspects of it but for the most part I code the large projects and keep things moving.
Hobbies: Dogs, Fishing, Motorcycle, Drums, writing.. too many
Places lived: Philadelphia area, Mount Vryce...
Education: 45 years of learning from my mistakes
Favorite color: Dreamy blue's and all greens
Favorite quote: "The man who follows the crowd will usually get no further than the crowd. The man who walks alone is likely to find himself in places no one ever been." --Aln Ashley Pitt
Most looking forward to Medievia event: 50 million players online at once.
Most Memorable Medievia event: Medievia IV's grand opening in 1994.
Most prized posessions: Medievia, Pets
Favorite music: Saint-Saens' third symphony, Beethoven's Emperor Concerto No.5, Aerosmith, Doors, Jimmy, how many pages do we have to list them all?
Favorite Food: Any good dinner with good company
Favorite Books: Magician(Feist), All Tolkein works, the Coldfire trilogy by C.S. Friedman, Eon, hard to list here. I have read thousands of books.
If there were anything else in the world you could be, what would it be?: Park Ranger
Favorite Sport: Horizontal folk dancing? I would have to say football (LETS GO EAGLES!)
If there is any other talent you could have what would you wish for?: The ability to write beautiful poetry.
If you could describe yourself as an animal, what would it be?: A Lion
What is your favorite place in the world?: In Soleil's arms.
What is your favorite movie?: Braveheart, When Harry met Sally, Shadowlands with Anthony Hopkins. I have watched thousands of movies that moved me greatly.
Favorite computer games: Medievia, GTA series, I played Quake II to death back in the day, I like all good games.
Name five things most people don't know about you?: I don't have a moment of education on anything computer oriented. My Medievia mortal names. I am very spiritual. Almost all rumors you hear about me are false. I am a warrior priest.
What do you do for a living?: Medievia!
Favorite clan: HAHA, I will not fall into that mistake again. I like them all!
Earliest memory: Before I could talk or even turn over and being put in this scary crib with clowns all over it. It was a wooden white crib with clowns painted on the inside walls. Night after night I was placed in this crib and I did not know how to talk, just cry. I could not tell anyone what scared me.
Most life changing event: My moms death when I was 18.

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