Name: Arline
Born in: Heidelberg, Germany
Current Residence: Arkansas
Birthday: Spring of 1980 (year of the Monkey) - Pisces
Marital Status: Single
Children: I don't plan to have any in the near future
How long in Medievia: Since the end of 1996
Medievia people met in real life: A few - Zulan, Recoshaia, Tas, Emtiam and I've introduced a couple of friends to the game.
Medievia GTGs attended: None yet, but I hope to attend one in the future.
Greatest accomplishment on Medievia: Reaching my first HERO and becoming an AVATAR, being a clanleader (twice) and co-leader several times, and of course becoming a Goddess.
Jobs on Medievia: Helping new players, I'm an AVATAR, clanleader, and friend to many.
Hobbies: Art (visual and musical), computers, Japanese animation, fish and fishing, astrology, stamps, self expression.
Places lived: Heidelberg and Asbach - Germany, Ozark Mountains in Arkansas - USA
Education: High School - Arkansas School for Mathematics and Sciences, College - Arkansas State University
Favorite colors: All shades of "Blue"
Most looking forward to Medievia event: New Holosections
Most Memorable Medievia Event: Becoming an AVATAR in the middle of a dragonlair on my 20th birthday, after having been on the waiting list for almost a year.
Most prized posessions: my artwork, old pictures, letters, old toys, anything I felt was worth keeping
Favorite Music: Metal, Rock, anything 80s, Scorpions, Guns -n- Roses, Metallica etc.
Favorite foods: Chinese and seafood
If there were anything else in the world you could be, what would it be?: A rock singer or broadway actress
Favorite sport: Soccer and Swimming
If there is any other talent you could have what would you wish for?: to understand people completely
If you could describe yourself as an animal, what would it be?: probably a marine damsel (fish), mysteriously sitting among corals and seaweed, calm and quiet.
What is your favorite place in the world?: a quiet beach in the moonlight
Favorite computer games: Medievia, Tetris, Solitaire and chess
Name five things that people don't know about you?: my close friends would know EVERYTHING about me!
What do you do for a living?: I'm a CNA for our local Health Unit
Favorite Clan: I've been attached to many different clans but I would have to say clan 16 and clan 50 at the moment.
Most life changing event: moving to the USA in 93 and having to start over and leave my friends and everything I knew behind.

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