Name: John
Hometown: Auckland, New Zealand
Birthday: May 8,1978
Marital Status: Single
How long in Medievia: Since October 1998
Medievia people met in real life: Vryce, Soleil, Syltheana, Ikuska, Daedalus, Elander, Jabari, Ontarious and Columnus.
Medievia GTGs attended: Philly GTG in 2004.
Greatest accompishment on Medievia: Getting around to multiing after 18 months as a single mage
Jobs on Medievia: Quest Manager, NPH God, Reimb God, Builder, Client Consultant.
Hobbies: Rowing, painting, reading, the outdoors.
Education: A few years of computer science and then a few years studying philosophy
Favorite colors: Green and Blue
Favorite movies: Before Sunset, Walk the Line, Lost in Translation, Serenity (Flyfly)
Favorite Book: The Time Travellers Wife.
Favorite Sport: Rowing & Abseiling.
What is your favorite place in the world?: New Zealand
What do you do for a living: I push paper.
Favorite quote: "Rowing is like a beautiful duck....on the surface it is all grace.... but undernath THE BASTARDS PADDLING LIKE MAD!!"

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