Name: Alecia
Home: California
How long in Medievia: Not too long! Only since May of 1999.
Jobs on Medievia: Zone Editor, builder, New Player Helper, Real Estate Assistant, Real Estate Manager, Builder Trainer, Builder Training Manager, Assistant Managing Editor, AQ Contributor... I think that might be it?
Hobbies: Reading - I loooove to read! Writing, swimming, photography, and cooking.
Favorite color: Blue
Most Memorable Medievia Event: Locking myself out of my own god office and having to have Ikuska come fix it for me!
Greatest Medievia Accomplishments: Creating my clans, getting hired on as an immortal, opening my zones...
Favorite Medievia Player Met: EVELINA!!!! My partner in crime!
First Clan on Medievia : Clan 35, The Keepers of the Black Chamber
Favorite Clanleader : Ogrady!
Favorite Foods: Strawberries and whipped cream, white peaches, and Ghirardhelli chocolate.
Favorite Authors: Agatha Christie, Jane Austen, Amy Tan, David Sedaris... way too many to think of! I love to read.
Favorite Movies: Gone With the Wind, The Joy Luck Club, Serendipity, and Singing in the Rain
Favorite Place in the World: The Big Island of Hawaii, Kona side!
Favorite Computer Games: Medievia, Tetris, Starcraft/Broodwars, and Diablo II
Five Things *Most* People Don't Know About You:
  1. I am a Starbucks Store Manager.
  2. I'm half Chinese and half Native American(Chippewa)/German/French Canadian.
  3. I absolutely love chinchillas and have far too many to disclose the number!
  4. I love photography and recently invested in a very nice digital SLR.
  5. I'm actually a very nice person!
Best experience as a god: Getting to know the other Immortals and learning to REALLY appreciate the game and all the work that's put into it! Oh, also modifying my poof-in and poof-out messages, let's not lie! =)

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