Name: Michelle
Hometown: Chicago
Birthday: March 1975 - Aries
Marital Status: Single
Children: officially none, but am called Mom by more than one of my "kids" that range from 2 to 16
How long in Medievia: Too long. On and off since 1995, officially started in 1996
Medievia people met in real life: Too many to count
Medievia GTGs attended: Organised all the small ones around Chicago (that I have ever heard of)
Greatest accompishment on Medievia: (accomplished over a year ago) Knowing and Flirting with almost all guy and many of the gal heroes. Just too many of them now adays :(
Jobs on Medievia: Manager of God Information, Mailing List Administrator, Help Manager (previous title), Storyline Manager (previous title), Clantown Building Manager (previous title), God Trainer (previous title), New Player Helper (previous title)
Hobbies: Photography (actually, more than a hobbie), Camping, Peer Counseling, Writing (poetry and more..currently working on my first Fantasy novel that I doubt I will ever completely finish)
Education: Completed my Associates at the College of Dupage and will hopefully be seeking my bachelors in Computer Science and Elementary/Secondary Education.
Favorite colors: Blue, purple and green
Favorite quotes: (first/heard) Don't dwell on the past. Everything that has happened to you can only make you stronger. Life has a way of working it self out. (second/wrote) As the leaves rustle in the wind, as the raindrops fall upon the lake, so too can She be heard in both the most gentlest and withered of hearts.
Most Memorable Medievia event: The day I persuaded a very... drunk.. friend of mine to mudmarry me on New Years Eve 1997. (He flirt with the Goddess that performed the ceremony more than me! (pout))
Most prized posessions: My freedom, all my books, personal journels/poetry, friends
Favorite music: Just to name a few: Engima, Robert Miles, Enya, Grateful Dead, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Tori Amos, Indigo Girls
Favorite Food: pasta
Favorite Authors: Mercedes Lackey, Marrion Zimmer Bradley, Chelsea Quinn Yarbro
If there were anything else in the world you could be, what would it be?: A pediatrician or councelor
Favorite Sport:Traditional/Competitve to watch: Basketball.. Non-traditional to watch: Karate/Tae Kwon Doe, Gymnastics Non-traditional to play: Caneoing and biking
If there is any other talent you could have what would you wish for?: have more empathy for all those I counsel
If you could describe yourself as an animal, what would it be?: A Kitten with claws
What is your favorite place in the world?: Any open forest land. (most faves: Northern Wisconsin/Minnesota, Eastern Tennessee in the mountains, Maine)
What is your favorite movie?: Ever After is the most recent, Dead Poets Society, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory! Lady and the Tramp, and many many more
Favorite computer games: Medievia, Jones in the Fast Lane (ooold 386 game)
Name five things people don't know about you:
Well, since many people on Medievia know many different parts of me, I would say the most uncommonly known are:
  • I used to be a professional photographer doing weddings and portraits.
  • My sexuality and religious standpoints are.. less than conventional.
  • I graduated high school with honors but failed out of a university due to many things except for "partying". I graduated with my Associates and 4.0 GPA from the College of Dupage
  • I actually know more about many different things than I would ever let on.
  • I love doing most crafts, including needlepoint, cross stitch, painting and crocheting
  • What do you do for a living?: Office Manager for an engineering firm and a student.
    Earliest Memories: The great snow storm in Chicago when I was 3 and the snow was higher than I was tall.. also at 4 years old when I fell done and cut open my chin bad enough to need stitches. True memories then start when I began grade school.
    Most life changing event: Being homeless

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