Name: Robert
Country: New Zealand
Marital Status: Single
When did you start playing Medievia: Early November 1998 (And i still play my original character)
Greatest mortal accomplishment on Medievia: Fully learning and running zones like Bloodstone/Demonforge and also being in really great clans.
Greatest god accomplishment on Medievia: Opening the zones I've created.
Jobs on Medievia: Master Quest Designer, Quest Development Assistant, Master World Builder, Reimbursement God, Client Consultant.
Hobbies: Philosophy and enjoying life
Education: Studied at University
Favourite colours: Blue or dark Purple
Most looking forward to Medievia event: Unknown
Favourite music: Garbage, Fur Patrol, Goldenhorse, Sandi Thom, Everclear
Favourite Authors: Haruki Murakami, Terry Pratchett, Robert Jordan.
Favourite Sport: Abseiling/Outdoor stuff
If you could describe yourself as an animal, what would it be: Wolf
What do you do for a living: Unknown
Favourite place you would most like to visit: Japan/England
Most life changing event: Being in the Army.
Favourite Quotes: "Lag is a figment of the machine's imagination", "One by one penguins steal my sanity"...ack! there goes one of them now!

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