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" You just can not describe the wonderful and truly Awe-inspiring Medievia really is. It has to be experienced at every level. Every time I play I see something new, some new piece of code, some feature I had never seen before. There are players in Medievia who have been here for years, and bigger and better things always come along to keep the excitement alive. Try Medievia for a week, I promise you, you will never play your old game again. " --Essej

" Medievia is a magnificent land of epic quests and magnificent battles. It is by far the most realistic and complex game on the web, and it shows no sign of slowing its progress. " --Lorac

" The most notable thing about Medievia is its clans. There is no other game anywhere in the world that has shown the high level of creativity that Vryce has in his implemetation of clan wars and castle control. Try it for yourself, you will never go back to your old game again. " --Xin

" Awile back I left Medievia for a Graphic Role Playing Game. I thought it would be all cool and Id like it a lot better then Medievia. But you know what, after I got though all the graphics the game got boreing. There wasn't any realistic battles, trade runs, quests, original equipment, dragon flying, backstabing and many other things Medievia has. I missed Medievia and went back and Ive been happy here again. More or less I think this game is a whole lot better then those fancy graphic games and I hope you keep up the good work. " --Tristar

" Medievia society is amazingly rich and complex. At all hours of the day, this game is teeming with people from all over the world, most of them friendly and helpful, each of them helping to add to the personality of the game. " --Asha

" Medievia is a complex world in which you LIVE. You will find many people on Medievia who are more than willing to help you in your search for the ultimate HERO role. Trading adds realism to the game, along with the clans (clans like no other game anywhere!) If it is knights, castles and such on your mind, Medievia has the newest innoventions of each. Vryce is constantly working on Medievia to make it the best game ever and has succeded, more than your wildest dreams. So if you like gaming or just having fun, come LIVE in medievia. I'll be there!!! " --Zorn

" Medievia is not just a game - it is an ever changing world full of adventures, perils, pitfalls and fortunes. Join forces with people from all over the globe in quests for better equipment. Clash in heavy battles to gain or defend a castle. Always moving forward, always a step ahead... there simply is no other game. Medievia - no contest, hands down winner! " --Krasan

" By far, Medievia is the best game ever created. By combining teamwork, stragedy, friendly people, thousands of monsters and more than 4 million rooms, Vryce has created a masterpiece that will always be the greatest. " --Iskatradeethy

" Medievia ... Come try it, once here you may never leave. The foremost game in code technology. Best clan concept and constantly improving. A really awesome wilderness to add realism to your journey which lends itself to a trade run code not found anywhere else. Dragon flight, Herobattles, Clanwars... and so much more. What else is there to say but: Come for a visit and stay for the rest of your gaming life. " --Garrish

" Medievia is truly the best game out there. I have played Medievia for over 4 years and it just keeps getting better and better. New code such as the clan wars, clan castles, dragon flight, medlink, and the smaller code that is put in almost every day staggers the imagination. Medievia also has very skilled and friendly players. The clans are also an amazing system. This game has the best code I have seen anywhere. " --Ragafin

" Medievia V is the most exciting game on the internet! Equipment building, Dragon Mounts, Dragon Hunting, Clan Games, truly something for everyone! Better yet, no spell memorization hassles or nasty 'single quotes' to cast, instead of time consuming runs to a motel to rent, CAMP in the wilderness right where you are. In a form? Position the other form members right where you want them. No generic zones either! Every zone is custom designed by people who are excellent at this craft. Excellent Player Quests. HeroBattles that you can bet on. WIN BIG!! A MEDLINK socializing area. Even a New Player Clan so begginers don't get left behind. A game that you will be glad you came to and you will not want to leave! " --Kodi

" When I noticed a few friends staying up late to play a Multi User Dungeon structured game, I thought, how silly. Then Ruttin was born in Medievia. Now with the help from clan members, heros, and Gods, I have as much fun here as anyone can imagine! Trading, finding equipment, Dragon Crystals, (fighting of course), chatting, and the newest adventure in Medievia, Clan Wars! Come check it out... or you'll be left in our shadow as we move along with Vryce, the almighty, into the cutting edge of roll playing adventures. " --Ruttin

" There are games and then there is Medievia. There is a difference. Visit a multitude of zones, each far different from the others. Fly on dragon back, to join others in glorious conquest. Work your way through all four player classes to become a hero and engage in mortal combat with other heroes. Rush to the front, to defend your clan castle from a rival clan. Sneak swiftly through designated player killing areas to plunge your blade into the unsuspecting backs of others. These are the thing which make Med a truly great game. Come join us and see for yourself. " --Aavin Runesong

" Step out of blah and into the magical world of Medievia. So descriptive are the zones and rooms I can feel the wind on my face as I look out over the ocean, or hear the chatter of townspeople in the busy cities. You will find friendship among the many players and plenty of challenge in the numerous zones. " --Pendorra

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