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Copy the emails from below into your text box and email as many friends, family and acquaintances about Medievia as possible! Remember to use the BCC line and separate each email address with a comma. This will prevent ill feelings and the distribution of email addresses to parties who wish to keep their information private.

INSERT YOUR NAME HERE has sent you this email because HE OR SHE wants you to participate in the magical, mystical realm we call Medievia. Medievia is s a FREE game that INSERT YOUR NAME HERE loves, and HE OR SHE wants you to know that anyone who reads as much as you do would absolutely love this game.

Do you have that special series of books that you read repeteadly? You know, the ones that you refuse to replace, even though they have broken spines, worn edges, and torn pages?

Medievia is like a good book you just can't get enough of. The difference between that good book and Medievia is that Medievia is a world that lives and breathes through its players. Once you start playing, you will be part of the story! It is not static. It is filled with players, with over a hundred player-run clans, and with player-built clantowns in the vast wilderness. Every staff member and every builder is a player, so every one of Medievia's hundreds of zones was designed and built by players.

If you are one of those people who often think the book is better than the movie, you will love Medievia.

Come visit a magical place where the pages just keep turning:

This email is perfect for an avid book reader or role-player that you know. Help them find the magic that is Medievia at!

INSERT YOUR NAME HERE is sending you this email because HE OR SHE thinks you may enjoy Medievia!


Some quotes from Vryce, the father of Medievia:

FACT: Through the first ten months of 2002, sales of video game hardware, software, and accessories exceeded $6 billion--a 25% increase during bad economic times. Why?

"Because games rule! Times have changed. Games are better than watching TV. Games are more fun than going to the movies. Games that have communities are as important to a gamer as the local pub is to many people. That is where their other life is, and where many of their friends are. It is the same thing; the pub and the game, except the game is so much more."

"Medievia is the only game in existence today that offers the most friends and best communication between players, the most features, and the most fun!"

"Medievia is the only game that is forever. Because of its nature Medievia has survived for over a decade now and continues to thrive and expand. It will be here when every current game has come and gone."

"Medievia has a good chance of being here as long as men walk the earth. Or at least for as long as I do, or the gods of Medievia. I am not kidding about this. Medievia could be here forever. People still read books from long ago. In the year 2500 people will be reading the same books. Medievia is the book that grew with the people. Just as many books are better than many movies, Medievia is better than most games.

Who could argue with the man who started making Medievia in 1990 and not only has players still playing after a decade, but players who say that the game gets better every year?

Come check out Medievia at

This email is perfect for gamers of any genre and almost anyone else that you know. Even people that are not gamers - they can learn from the best of all games: Medievia!

INSERT YOUR NAME OR EMAIL HERE has sent you this email because HE OR SHE wants you to participate in a medieval realm called Medievia, a free game on the Internet.

Do you enjoy games with real-time player-versus-player interaction? Tired of challenging the generic computer because it's the only opponent that can seem to match your skill, your reflexes, your killer instinct?

At we have infinite player-versus-player interaction, without any work on your part. You don't have to find the players. They have been here for over ten years, waiting for more competition like you. Do you enjoy combat and player duels? You will love Medievia, where we have a realm of players who hunt their enemies, protect their friends, and fight to win and survive, no matter how much blood is lost.

There is no challenge in the gaming world greater than becoming a Hero in Medievia.

Do You Dare Enter?

Join the carnage at

Do you have friends who love to player kill, enjoy player versus computer duels and constant bloodshed? This email is perfect for them!

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