Clanboard Campaign Message
How can you help?

Is your clan helping to recruit new players?

We ask for your clan to actively help recruit new players. Clan leaders can help by bringing up the topic of new player recruitment on occasion. Clan members can help by posting the message below on their boards. Clan Leaders can help by leading the way by example. The leaders of Medievia must make a real effort to increase new player flow. We have big plans for your game and we need more players to support the plans, leaders can be of great assistance in this regard.


Summer 2009 has been dubbed the Summer of Medievia V! We are releasing Medievia V this summer and making a greater effort at marketing and advertising Medievia. What this means for you: We need YOUR help in getting Medievia new players! How can you help you ask?

We know you love Medievia, let the world know why. Get the word out to everyone you know! Our goal is to double the playerbase, which means more friends for you, more people on runs, more townies, and more active clan members with an eagerness to learn. Be a voice for Medievia and help us spread the word!


Soleil, and the whole New Player Recruitment Team

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