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Medievia, a massively multiplayer online text based role-playing game, is proud to announce the release of its newest version, a game so complex and complete that its long-time users claim that no other game in existence can come close to the depth of game play and social interaction that Medievia provides. Medievia has been host to a virtual world for over a decade and is now releasing the apex of its existence - Medievia V.

Medievia is a free virtual environment that has been in development since 1991. Medievia offers imaginative game play and an environment so compelling hundreds of its users have continued to log in and play daily for five or more years. Imagine a game that has the intuition to track your happiness, pride, sadness, and fear, and then changes the game to fit your needs. Imagine a world in which intelligent monsters from afar bring chaos and evil to the world you know. Imagine a multi-player realm in which you can join together with friends and clan members to battle against other player groups in real-time quests. Imagine an online community where the relationships you form with your fellow adventurers are so strong you will remember them for a lifetime. Medievia V offers its players not only excellent game play with its Dungeon Master, Mob Factions, Dragon Lairs, Clan Ships, Bloodlines, Master Heroes and Naval Battles, but it also offers a unique social environment in which to create and sustain strong and lasting friendships.

Do you DARE Enter?

Medievia: A great free game for women of all ages!

Do you have a friend who seems to always hide in his room, yelling, "Just a second!" when you need him? Ever wonder what he's *really* doing in there?

At, we have a game where you'll be able to show him a thing or two about your creativity and leadership skills. You'll finally have a computer game of your own to brag to him about.

Do you wish you could spend time online with your friends? Fear not, for Medievia has a terrific role-playing element that's broadening daily, with new features added all the time. It gives players the opportunity to make new friends across the country and across the world. All the while, you can play with your friends at home and find new adventures together.

Medievia is a game you can tell everyone about. Come check it out at

We look forward to playing with you in our world.

-Medievia Staff

You want your kids to play this game.

Do your kids like to play games that you find questionable? Do you wonder at the attraction to the vulgar graphics and the sexual innuendo? Do you wish there was a game that was better for your children?

Medievia is a free game that is good for your kids. It's like a cereal your kids love that's also nutritious.

At Medievia, we strive to create an online world without the vulgarity and cursing that you find in popular games. We try to create a game that inspires players to learn real-life lessons safely and while having a lot of fun.

Over the years, the game has taught players:

* how to set goals and achieve them

* typing skills that will leave every parent envious

* interaction with other players, of all ages, in a safe environment

* the basic concepts of economics and politics

* team-building skills through group-orientated gameplay

* reading and comprehension skills

Medievia does not condone nor allow vulgar cursing or the harrassment of players. There are always adult staff online who oversee the game.

If your child is age 14 or older, visit with them. You can meet the players and the staff and learn a lot about a great game that's been one of the Internet's best-kept secrets for too long!

The Medievia Staff

Medievia: Online since 1991, making gaming better for kids.

Remember old games like Tetris, Pac-Man, and Missile Command?

Many versions of these games have come out since then, but nothing seems to be as much fun as it was back in the day. If you have played The Legend of Zelda, you know the latest versions may look and sound better, but for many people, they are simply not as much fun to play.

Ever wish a game company would focus on what's fun? Playability instead of looks? What ever happened to games that are fun to play? These days you spend $50 for a game that is mostly eye candy.

A decade in the making, Medievia is just that. It is a free game played online with hundreds of other players, with more fun, balance, and polish than any game to date.

Why do players play Medievia forever once they start? Come find out. See what makes a game fun at

-Medievia Staff

Have you been loyal to your RPG for what seems like an eternity?

At Medievia, we have players who have been loyal to us for over ten years. The reason is that Medievia is never remade; instead, it's upgraded every day. It has become the largest game in the world in size and in features.

We can do this because Medievia is a text RPG game. Everything we program is all about new features and functionality instead of wasting time with the latest graphics and sound. As an RPG player, you know what's important for maximum fun in a game. Come check us out.

We know you're loyal. We know you shy away from trying new games. We have over twenty-six thousand players who felt the same way when Medievia was recommended to them. The difference is Medievia is not just a game, but an international group of friends and family who just can't seem to part ways. No other RPG game connects people online like Medievia does. We have five hundred people playing together right now.

If you think your latest RPG is fun, we dare you to enter Medievia. It will change your RPG life forever! Come check it out at

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