The Philosophy of Medievia

Our goal is to create a role playing world where there is a lot of combat and social interaction. While Medievia follows many D&D norms, we do not blindly follow them as most games have done. As the years rolled by Vryce's philosophy had become much more defined. He believes in always designing the game with an eye to the new player. Many RPG games tailor to the veteran players and fall into the common mistake of making a game with old ideas. Medievia is nothing if not BOLD. Our Philosophy is to lead the pack and never follow. One of Vryce's favorite quotes is:

The man who follows the crowd will usually get no further than the crowd. The man who walks alone is likely to find himself in places no one has gone before.
--Aln Ashley Pitt

We have seen many RPG games create a managerie of new classes. It is our belief that the 4 standard and classic classes of Mage, Cleric, Warrior and Thief perfectly represent all that is needed. Games have created many new classes and have found it to be impossible to balance them. After all, what good is making a new class and be incapable of making sure the class is as strong as the rest? The whole idea behind classes is to define a personality and quality in a way that is balanced and needed. Every class needs the other three to do well in combat together. Over the years we have had a lot of pressure to make a game with 20 classes. Vryce is nothing if not stubborn. Time has shown that the Philosophy of the classical 4 classes is the best way. Many games have created races. This is a good idea but virtually impossible to implement and balance in the end. We think it is hard enough to balance just 4 classes let alone many classes and races. Races are great for the critters you kill but allowing players to select between many races with different strengths and weaknesses would make the game impossible to balance as elegantly as Medievia is balanced.

Games that have such things have proved short lived and as they grew they found the player base in constant bickering because other classes are more powerful and other races had too much of an advantage. Medievia has just 4 classes and no races yet we are the most diverse and balanced game around. Where other games have spent years of time on new classes and races we have rebuilt all of Medievia three times.

Another interesting aspect of our game development Philosophy is in our management style. We take Medievia seriously. Perhaps that is our strongest advantage. We expect REAL work from the "Gods" of Medievia and even often have them sign development agreements.

Our main goal is to become the largest game in the world. Vryce imagined a game long ago with a million people online and millions of rooms on each of thousands of separate player created planets. He envisioned a game that captured the imagination of people from the ages of 13 to 100, a game that people loved so much they spent their own time and money to further its status. Twenty plus years later, the Philosophy has remained and the game of the future is nearly here.

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