September 2nd, 2015


As always, players can start a new ship battle event via SHIP EVENT BATTLE at anytime. When this happens the entry fee is just 100,000 gold, which pays for your ship, ammo, 100 skilled deckhands and prepares your ship ready to go - anchor raised, sails set, ready for instant battle.

SHIP EVENT ENROLL to join the battle.

This week is of course special, here are the special details:

  • Just 100,000 gold to enroll.
  • Winner gets 5 million gold plus everyone's entry fee and 5 points towards the weeks rank.
  • Winner is awarded a new special week ship battle medal!
  • 2nd place gets 3 million gold and 3 points towards the weeks rank.
  • 3rd place gets 2 million gold and 1 point towards the weeks rank.
  • Previously this was 20 but for now on, amass 10 points total and you get a new action figure!
  • At the end of the week the top 20 players get a new medal.
  • At the end of the week the 1st place, 2nd place, and 3rd place players all get an additional separate special medal, if you have say 1st already I will give you 2nd, and on down the line.
  • Note if less than 3 players enroll the battle will be canceled.
  • You must be appointed as captain to get your rank points when your ship is sunk or when you win.
For people new to ship battles, here is a bit of a cheat sheet:

Players are placed on ships all near each other in the ship training pen. The only winner is the last ship floating. All damage is quadrupled. The anchor will be raised and you can move as soon as you start and before the event actually begins.

When you do the most damage against a ship that has sunk your ship gets up to a 90% heal and all fires doused. I cannot state how important this is.

The rules say that no one may help you and you must remain alone on your ship.

To have a deckhand report what ship is closest and in range in anydirection you must shout:
"shout ship lb" for larboard
"shout ship sb" for starboard
"shout ship st" for stern SHIPADMIN command is important, the first thing you need to do is SHIPADMIN APPOINT YOURNAME to become captain.

JOB command is important especially 'j m d' for job manage deckhands where you tell them to be at guns, repairing, dousing, pumping, etc. HELP DECKHANDS.

SHOUT command is how you tell the deckhands who to fire at, HELP DECKHANDS explains, example 'shout fire lb antons' to fire at his ship if its towards larboard and 'shout fire sb antons' if towards starboard.

SHIP HELM to take the help and then SHIP COURSE , HELP SHIP_NAVIGATION explains. Example: 'ship co 90' to turn totally right, 'ship co -20' to turn 20 degrees left.

SHIP DAMAGE shows damage - you seen that coming!

SHIP STATUS to see the ships status.

Good luck!

Congratulations to last weeks top explorers:
01    Vanderthad 16,865
02     Desdinova 13,394
03          Edan 11,078
04      Cipactli 10,829
05        Zuzoir 10,102
06        Zezorn 9,730
07     Celebrana 8,850
08         Kwein 6,122
09        Sivali 5,940
10       Rhathos 5,804
11    Skraythrax 5,730
12      Ashpowin 5,583
13       Zanitho 5,175
14       Sanford 5,137
15    Ceranothyr 5,100
16     Telestina 4,965
17        Amyvol 3,765
18      Cimmeria 3,672
19        Kavnor 3,494
20      Thaddeus 3,300

-The Medievia staff

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