October 20th, 2014
Hellraider Week!


I figured we would use one of our spookiest features as we approach Halloween, so from now and until Monday at 6am....
  • You gain twice the gold for defeating a Hellraider decromancer.
  • You gain a new special medal for being crucified this week.
  • SCORE tracks your total Hellraider kills for the week.
  • You are awarded a new special medal for 3 kills.
  • You are awarded a new special medal for 13 kills, PLUS you are given an action figure! Expect many action figures as we approach the new player home upgrades which include Collection Cases. Action figures, flowers, quills, swords, people will specialize and collect many things. The cases will allow you to compare collections.
  • You are awarded a new special medal for 25 kills. I know this will be very hard for many players, but that is the plan.
  • GAMEINFO tracks the top 20 players ranked by Hellraider kills for the week. The top 20 players at the end of the week will be awarded a new special top 20 medal.
NOTE: This will not be so easy as we will not be making tons of Hellraiders, so we can expect the few to often be patrolled by enemy players.

Hellraider is a special Medievia feature, enjoy this special week! Please play nice while players abuse you in CPK, while the game cruly crucifies you, and while zombies swarm over your corpse.

Gratz to last weeks Mobfaction Week Winners:
01        Nefari 120
02        Yeshem 110
03           Kea 80
04  Mortalengine 72
05        Bochem 66
06          Yuer 62
07        Skalab 60
08        Loreis 60
09      Xaaxacus 59
10          Fiak 57
11         Timsq 55
12        Antons 51
13         Junuh 50
14         Adena 49
15          Pode 42
16        Eoghan 41
17      Cortivan 40
18        Zuzoir 39
19       Skiblar 38
20         Rhaze 36

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