November 5th, 2014
Dragonlair Hide Week!

From Vryce:

We are now able to send emails again after switching providers and programming our own ESMTP client into the game. It will take a day for some complicated DNS entries to percolate out so until then some emails may end up in people's spam folder, after a day they should never do that.

Testing some upcoming mobfactions and underocean stuff actually went very well this week. I don't think I crashed our public server once! It is almost like I know what I am doing. I expect this week to be worse as testing becomes implemented and normal play exposes bugs that surely must be there.

The players got to vote today when I was online and they decided it should be ......


Starting now and lasting until Wednesday 6am eastern:
  • You get twice the normal amount of hide.
  • You get a special medal when getting hide, the same special week medal as before.
  • You get a new special medal after collecting 100 hide for the week.
  • You get a new special action figure after collecting 100 hide for the week. These are rare and become an instant collector's item.
  • SCORE shows how many hide you have collected so far this week.
  • GAMEINFO shows the top 20 hide collecting players.
  • The top 20 players at the end of the week get the same special top finishing medal as before.
Congratulations to last weeks Catacomb Egg winners:
01     Myngthrax 11,604
02        Andreb 11,060
03       Jeromia 10,764
04        Antony 9,500
05        Cherek 6,369
06         Queek 6,121
07          Yuer 5,019
08       Adukkha 4,702
09         Zodac 4,698
10        Zuzoir 3,984
11          Riko 3,754
12          Kjor 3,653
13        Loreis 3,530
14      Plankeye 3,504
15         Wellz 2,991
16      Fitstich 2,912
17          Drey 2,723
18     Mordegast 2,061
19        Urikon 2,045
20         Hirve 1,896

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