June 16th, 2016
Hellraider Week!

We continue with your Governor Kaos's weekly special picks with:


  • All CPK kill ledgers entries will be labeled 'demolished' this week instead of 'killed'.
  • You gain 4 times the gold for defeating a Hellraider decromancer.
  • You gain a special medal for being crucified this week.
  • You are awarded a special medal for 3 kills.
  • You are awarded a special medal for 13 kills, plus you are awarded an action figure!
  • You are awarded a special medal for 25 kills. We know this will be very hard for many players but that is the plan. This is a hard medal to earn and will always be rare.
  • You now get 200 MILLION GOLD for getting the 25 kill medal, note that this is a one time per player thing.
  • SCORE tracks your total Hellraider kills for the week.
  • GAMEINFO tracks the top 20 players ranked by Hellraider kills for the week.
  • The top 20 players at the end of the week will be awarded a special top 20 medal.
Hellraider is a special Medievia feature, enjoy this special week! Please play nice while players abuse you in CPK, while the game cruly crucifies you, and while zombies swarm over your decaying corpse!

4 days until Medievia comes out of BETA!

Gratz to last weeks top explorers:
RANK     PLAYER   Zone Explore Experience/100k
01        Zuzoir 23,689
02        Emtiam 22,216
03        Disiku 17,219
04          Rekt 14,433
05          Zorn 13,959
06          Reis 13,774
07       Zhijing 13,139
08        Landis 10,333
09       Ashvvin 10,321
10         Cenna 10,218
11        Saerra 9,145
12        Dizzie 8,677
13         Timsq 7,978
14        Junoir 7,717
15         Extol 7,002
16        Justan 6,628
17    Crossforce 6,115
18    Skraythrax 5,913
19     Hurppapda 5,845
20      Cipactli 5,730

-The Medievia staff

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