June 16, 2014
CPK Mobfaction Week!

You elected Kwein and his choice for a special week is:

IT IS SPECIAL CPK MOBFACTION WEEK! To be clear this is Hellraider, Hellreaper, Hellripper, and Voroderms.

Starting now and lasting until Monday at 6am eastern:

  • Four times the gold when defeating a CPK mobfaction
  • Special medal for defeating 10 CPK mobfactions this week
  • Special 'slayed' instead of 'killed' CPK ledger for all CPK this week
  • Score shows your CPK mobfactions kills so far this week
  • GAMEINFO shows the top 10 players so far
  • There will be more of these mobfactions than usual
The top 10 players listed on GAMEINFO at 6am Monday morning will each receive a special medal!

Congratulations to the trading winners for last weeks special week, they all get a special medal!

Rank      Player Points
01       Sulivan 363,415,856
02        Antons 333,858,728
03        Bardok 328,933,266
04    Ramachakra 312,548,110
05        Yeshem 281,868,588
06          Tiko 254,930,962
07         Zodac 195,652,454
08        Zuzoir 191,203,308
09        Vainge 170,653,720
10          Ziyi 167,249,980

-The Medievia staff

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