June 9, 2014
Trading Week!

Players voted for SPECIAL TRADING WEEK

This special week was a special ELECTION week where the elected Governor decides what kind of special to have:
Final Election Results:
Kaos (ORDER) won with 64 votes and picked Trading Week
Kwein (CHAOS) lost with 60 votes and picked CPK MF Week

You decided with just 4 votes to repeat our special Trading Week!

Starting now and lasting until Monday at 6am eastern:

  • Twice the trading points towards leveling
  • Special medal for 50 million gold in trading for the week
  • Special medal for 100 million gold in trading for the week
  • Special medal for 250 million gold in trading for the week
  • Score shows your trading total for the week
  • Gameinfo shows the leaders so far
The top 10 players listed at 6am Monday in GAMEINFO for the most trading for the week will each be awarded a special medal!

Note that these are the same medals as last time. We will have many catastrophes during the week to help with the fun.

Congratulations to last weeks winners for the most feet of underocean oceanlife killed:

01        Bardok 13,968
02        Nefari 11,365
03      Xaaxacus 4,706
04        Antons 3,960
05  Mortalengine 3,863
06        Zuzoir 3,412
07        Gnoden 3,261
08   Sensesorcio 2,844
09         Kwein 2,610
10      Wiliared 2,504

-The Medievia staff

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