July 16th, 2015
CPK Mobfaction week!


To be clear this is Hellraider, Hellreaper, Hellripper, and Voroderms.

Starting now and lasting until Wednesday at 6am eastern:

  • Four times the gold when defeating a CPK mobfaction.
  • Special medal for defeating 10 CPK mobfactions this week.
  • You are awarded an action figure collectors item for defeating 10 CPK mobfactions.
  • Special 'annihilated' instead of 'killed' CPK ledger for all CPK this week.
  • Score shows your CPK mobfactions kills so far this week.
  • GAMEINFO shows the top 20 players so far.
  • There will be more of these mobfactions than usual.
  • The top 20 players listed on GAMEINFO at 6am Wednesday morning will each receive a special medal!
From Vryce,

200 days today until Medievia comes out of BETA!

I have moved the 'House Upgrades' project way up to the next feature as explained in the CHANGES UPCOMING command. This is one of the most important new features that must be fully implemented and tested way before we open again on our 25 anniversary.

Every player will have a house of some sort. New players will rent rooms at worker run Inns once they reach level 10. Some players own their own home after spending a ton of gold. When bloodline abodes are in many players will own a room in their bloodline castle, fort, or whatever type they have built. Players that own ships can have their home right on their ship in a new room being created for ManOfWars only. The Inns are different in that you must be active to keep them, emails are sent before you loose your room.

Each type of home are the same and will allow players to edit the text in the room description and come with many cool new upgrades players can install. Collection lockers if you collect flowers, swords, action figures, etc - that display your rank compared to other collectors, what you are missing, compare players, etc. Medal cases to display medals that allow you to compare your medals against all others and what not. Exploration cove to show your explores and allow you to dig into that data. Lockers, bulletin boards like feature (will be called the Wall), party mechanism to schedule announced parties in your room (no more than one party on a planet at a time), GOHOME command, new player log area showing your recent accomplishments, Pet upgrades for your home, and just too many more to mention. Every Medievia player will have their own part of the game they can call home.

Gratz to last weeks top Catacomb Eggers:
01        Andreb 11,847
02        Annily 7,003
03      Reeannon 5,377
04        Zuzoir 4,889
05      Xaxersic 4,583
06       Smakula 4,491
07          Kjor 3,399
08         Kwein 3,152
09        Raenyn 2,845
10      Stephano 2,741
11          Ulic 2,654
12      Edmureon 2,572
13       Adukkha 2,523
14         Adena 2,319
15      Fitstich 1,855
16       Templin 1,763
17        Raithe 1,715
18         Timsq 1,693
19         Sampa 1,655
20      Aroundan 1,195

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