July 7th, 2014
Autoquest Week!

Special Autoquest Week Contest!

At the end of the week, Monday morning, the players ranked highest for 'weekly autoquest points' on our WWW site will win gold prizes and the top 3 will win special medals.

The players with the following ranks get these winnings!
1st place gets 50 million gold and a 1st place medal
2nd place gets 40 million gold and a 2nd place medal
3rd place gets 30 million gold and a 3rd place medal
4th place gets 20 million gold
5th place gets 10 million gold
6th place gets 9 million gold
7th place gets 8 million gold
8th place gets 7 million gold
9th place gets 6 million gold
10th place gets 5 million gold

These rankings can be found at:
Autoquest Points Rankings

Winners for last weeks special Fae Bat week:
01        Nefari 26,309
02         Timsq 23,292
03      Xaaxacus 20,969
04       Nouveux 17,209
05        Bardok 17,128
06         Kwein 15,610
07  Mortalengine 15,483
08       Sanford 14,894
09        Bazyli 14,598
10        Gnoden 13,710

-The Medievia staff

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