January 28th, 2015
Underocean Oceanlife Week!

From Vryce,

I am trying to track down a bug in the programming that creates the underocean world around you. It is stopping me from turning on underocean trading and other underocean features. I inserted dozens of logs and traps into the code and now I need people in the underocean.


Underocean trading is open this week.

This means the underocean is 'tamed' by being artificially owned by test town 61 so that bottom feeders will not be infesting the bottom of the ocean.

Normally trading from the land to the underocean or reverse gains you twice the returns. This is turned off for this week as the DM will not be sending out underocean mobfactions to slow you down.

That being said this week we will begin to test some new underocean mobfactions:

  • Faecudas
  • Baby Faeclams
  • Baby Faezillas
  • Sea Piranha
This will not happen during your traderuns. It will be separate tests by volunteers.

Also since I need people in the underocean ...


HELP OCEANLIFE explains this feature, HELP UNDEROCEAN is also needed.
  • SHARKS seem to have a lot of gold normally, but now 5 times as much!
  • Killing anything 10 feet or longer gets you a special medal.
  • Setting a record this week, solo or formed, gets you a medal.
  • Killing 2,000 feet of underocean lifeforms this week gets you a special medal, and rare collectible action figure!
  • SCORE shows your total feet of underocean oceanlife killed this week.
  • GAMEINFO shows the leaders so far this week in total feet killed.
  • The top 20 players listed in GAMEINFO Wednesday morning at 6am will each be awarded a special medal.
  • Remember GAMEINFO OCEANRECORDS 'GA O' shows the overall record holders.
  • Also note that there is a separate record holder medal for each of the 22 lifeform types.
Thank you for helping me stress test the underocean. It will make my week to squash this bug, which has to do with the way we make the underocean around you, internally recycling rooms of memory, while saving important persistent data. It is a type of bug that is hard to reproduce under normal test conditions.
Gratz to last weeks Special Dragonlair Hide week winners:
01           Zor 240
02     Frostloth 150
03       Tyleste 148
04    Hexadelium 142
05         Queek 138
06        Destin 120
07         Liono 120
08        Xophar 118
09         Frast 116
10          Weww 110
11          Yuer 104
12        Noelio 100
13   Upowilopizi 98
14       Greyloc 86
15         Rzael 84
16        Yeshem 82
17       Sonodio 80
18       Fanelli 72
19    Kyunsorcio 72
20       Illexio 70

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